“This is Our Moment”: Diocesan Convention 2019

Keynote speaker the Very Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas and Bishop Jennifer

“As we prepare to leave this convention, know that Jesus has come near,” Bishop Jennifer said in closing her convention sermon. “This is our moment. Beloved, let us not fear the future. As we go forth from this place at least a half shade braver, may our faith indeed, make us well. Amen.”

The bishop’s sermon and the keynote address from the Very Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas, were among the high points of a convention that challenged members of the diocese to have the courage to engage in difficult conversations about race and the church’s racial history and legacy.

“The work of racial justice is the work of the church,” Douglas said, “especially in this our time, a time so divided by the continuing legacy of white supremacy. To not do that work … is to miss this opportunity that this kairos time brings us, and that is deeply consequential.”

The first of two resolutions passed by convention commits the Diocese of Indianapolis to a partnership with the Diocese of Brasília. This partnership already seemed well underway, as the convention Eucharist offering went to support the campaign for a new sports and recreation center in Brasília.

The second resolution requires all congregations and institutions of the diocese to have Narcan, a drug capable of reversing the symptoms of an opioid overdose available on their premises. The resolution also requires congregations and institutions to “work with health professionals to provide training to the people who gather, pray, and serve them for the use of this life-saving medicine” by 2021.

Convention also voted to approve a proposed change to the Constitution and Canons on first read. The change would create a delegation of young people to be present on the floor of convention. A second vote by next year’s convention is required in order for the change to take effect.

Convention passed a $3.8 million budget that keeps the parish apportionment at 14 percent.


Standing Committee, clergy – Drew Downs
Standing Committee, lay – Johnnie Alex
Commission on Ministry, clergy – Fatima Yakuba-Madus
Commission on Ministry, lay – Pamela Smith
Disciplinary Board, clergy – Allen Rutherford
Disciplinary Board, lay – David Sloan

 Executive Council Nominees (elected by neighborhoods) Confirmed – Mary Ellen Brown (Waycross), Lara Dreyer (Wabash), Dick Frey (Edge), John Steel (Confluence)

Deputies to the 80th General Convention of the Episcopal Church taking place June 30 – July 9,  2021:

Terry Noble
Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale
Pam Douglas
Shelbi Fortner

Lay Alternates
Lara Dreyer
Susan Steeigerwald
George Eastman
John Hegedus

Gray Lesesne
Frank Impicciche
Holly Zaher
Julia Whitworth

Clergy Alternates
Bruce Gray
Bradley Pace
Mary Slenski
Drew Downs

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