Ministry Partnerships

Across our region and around the world, we work with partners in ministry to assist in God’s work in the world.

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Local Ministry Partnerships
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Local Ministry Partnerships

Cooperating Ministries

The Diocese of Indianapolis is proud to have played important founding roles in many non-profits throughout our region. We continue to support them through parish partnerships as well as through individual relationships. They also participate in our employee benefit plans. These organizations play a critical healing and welcoming role in our area, and we encourage your support and participation with them.

Alternatives, Inc. strives to eradicate domestic and sexual violence through education, prevention, and intervention in Central Indiana.

The Damien Center is Indiana’s oldest and largest AIDS service organization (ASO) and serves more than 4,000 individuals affected and infected by HIV/AIDS through a comprehensive, innovative approach to HIV care and prevention.

Dayspring Center effectively works to combat and prevent family homelessness by first, meeting their most immediate needs for food and shelter, then working with each family to address the issues that led them to their homelessness.

John P. Craine House offers women a second chance for rehabilitation through family therapy, substance abuse counseling and vocational programs while providing them with a safe and structured, homelike setting to live with their preschool aged children.

The Julian Center empowers survivors of domestic and sexual violence and creates a community where every individual is safe and respected. And we are proud to be the largest organization of its kind in Indiana.

St. Richard’s School draws its inspiration and working foundation from its Episcopal values, a strong commitment to diversity, and to creating caring, globally minded thinkers who have been inspired to achieve high academic standards through a timeless, challenging curriculum.

Trinity Haven will be a safe, welcoming, and family-like environment for LGBTQ youth who do not have homes of their own. The goal of Trinity Haven is to intervene before youth experience chronic homelessness, and to help them pursue their education and develop the skills to thrive in the world independently.

Faith in Indiana – Partnering for Impact

The Diocese of Indianapolis and our congregations amplify our voice and impact on our communities by partnering with Faith in Indiana (previously known as the Indianapolis Congregational Action Network). Faith in Indiana is an ecumenical and interfaith organization that works on behalf of poor and marginalized people for social change. Together we helped pass a mass transit funding referendum in Indianapolis to make it easier for people without cars to get and keep jobs. Together we prevailed on the mayor of Indianapolis to cease illegal ICE detainers in Indianapolis jails. Today Faith in Indiana prioritizes ending the mass incarceration of people of color, providing adequate healthcare for all people, and opposing government policies and actions that tear immigrant families apart. To learn more about participating in this important work, contact the Rev. Fatima Yakubu-Madus, Missioner for Community Engagement.

Global Mission Ministries

In a spirit of looking beyond ourselves and acknowledging God’s presence across the globe, the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis seeks ministry partners wherever God leads. We seek partnerships that are sustainable; that draw from the local potential of the community; and focus on being in a mutual, meaningful, transformative relationship.

Read the Global Mission Commission’s report to the 181st Diocesan Convention of the Diocese of Indianapolis.

Find us on Facebook at Global Missions Ministry of the Diocese of Indianapolis.


Since 2009, our diocese has partnered with the Diocese in Brasilia to establish Social Agencies at each of its eight parishes. Providing a supplementary ½ day of education (to ensure a full day’s instruction, augmenting the ½ day public school. The Social Agencies are hubs of learning and creativity, as well as food and fellowship, school children receive meals to improve their health and hone their concentration. Adults also find educational resources and community at the Social Agencies, making them vibrant, self-directed, locally-sustained, intergenerational centers across the diverse regions of Brasilia.

  • Covenant Agreement established July 4, 2009; reclaimed and renewed in 2016
  • Presiding Bishop Andrade
  • 15th Anniversary of the Consecration of the Bishop, December 2018, Jeff Bowers, presiding
  • Pilgrimage 2019


In response to Hurricane Matthew in 2010, our diocese committed funds for the rebuilding of devastated communities in Haiti. After a period of discernment about how best to serve the people in recovery, we established a partnership with the province of St. Andres in Mithon. Working hand-in-hand with Archdeacon Jean Michelin St. Louis, we assessed the existing resources and assets within the community as well as the needs identified by the community as highest priority. Through this process, we put together a multi-dimensional response that included both repairs to critical infrastructure, such as the town well in the village of Leogane and its school as well as a sustainable agriculture program. Local leaders worked with an agronomist provided by our diocese to develop an agricultural plan that includes food crops for the region and crops to produce income. The school now serves grades K through 5 with a program called Lunches and Lessons.

  • Covenant Agreement established 2010
  • Crop Fund Grant issued 2016
  • Ongoing work includes school and agricultural staffing support and dialogue around sustainability.
  • St. Andres/ Mithon, Haiti

South Sudan

In the tradition of our existing partnerships, our diocese is currently in conversation with the Diocese of Athooch in South Sudan. We are eagerly anticipating conversation with Bishop Moses Anoor Aaym and the diocese’s Liaison for Community Development.

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