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If you are an employee of the diocese or one of its parishes—clergy or lay—you will find comprehensive information regarding your benefits on this page. Materials range from diocesan policies on compensation and benefits to a detailed breakdown of benefits to essential forms and publications. You can also link to your account with the Church Pension Group if you have one.

Diocesan Policies

A description of the benefits to which employees are entitled, and links to important resources and paperwork of interest to employees and employers alike.

About Your Benefits

Preventative Care Incentive

If the primary beneficiary of the plan demonstrates proof of having received preventive care services in calendar year 2021 by November 30, the Diocese of Indianapolis will refund 1% of the participant’s annual medical insurance premium by check in December of 2021. If proof of 2021 preventive care services is provided between December 1, 2021 and January 15, 2022, the refund check will be issued in January 2022. No refund will be provided if proof is not furnished by January 15, 2022. Proof will take the form of a doctor’s note attesting that the preventive care visit occurred according to this template. No private health information will be requested related to this incentive. The diocesan office will handle recordkeeping for both diocesan and congregational employees.

Financial Wellness Benefits

Through its Ministerial Excellence Fund, the Diocese of Indianapolis offers assistance with repayment of student loans, one year of free financial advisory services, incentives for clergy supplemental retirement savings, and other services. Link to MEF content.

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The Church Pension Group (CPG) provides a wide range of benefits and services to the clergy, lay employees, their families and institutions of the Episcopal Church. For more information about CPG and how they can help you and your family please visit them online at

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