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At every level of the Episcopal Church, lay and clergy members share responsibility for governance and leadership. Listed below are the key governance bodies that deliberate on matters affecting our common life at the diocesan level.

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Executive Council
Standing Committee
Waycross Camp and Conference Center
Title IV Intake Officer
Commission on Ministry
Disciplinary Board
Investment and Finance Committee
Budget Formation Committee
Bishop’s Advisory Group on Mission Strategy
Personnel Policy and Compensation Committee
Racial Justice and Education Team

Executive Council

The Executive Council, whose members, selection, and duties are established and governed by Canon 9 of the diocesan Canons, is a group of leaders, appointed by deaneries or the Bishop. It provides comprehensive direction and insight in the areas of budget and finance, exploration and opportunity, mission, and other matters relating to diocesan-wide ministry.

Standing Committee

Our Standing Committee is an elected group of servants especially dedicated to overall parish health, stability, and opportunities to grow and thrive. Their duties, responsibilities, selection, and governance is established by Canon 8 of the Canons of the Diocese of Indianapolis.

The Commission on Ministry

The Commission on Ministry works with people discerning a possible call to ordained ministry as a deacon or priest, and with the congregations who raise them up.


The diocese is geographically identified by six neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are Confluence, Crossroads, The Edge, River Bend, Wabash, and Waycross.

Waycross Camp and Conference Center

Waycross is a diocesan institution, is governed by a board of directors elected by the diocesan convention.

Waycross Board of Directors

Elected at Diocesan Convention
The Rev. Christopher Beasley(2022)
Ms. Rose Downs (2023)
Alan Geisler (2022)
Rose Lane (2021)
The Rev. Bradley Pace (2021)
The Rev. Kirsteen Wilkinson (2023)

Board Appointments
The Rev. Jeffrey Bower (2020)
Richard Farmer (2022)
Stephanie Grabow (2021)
Tom Wood (2021)
Jim Zaher (2020)

Bishop Appointments
Johnnie Alex (2021)

Waycross Executive Committee
The Rt. Rev. Bishop Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, Chair
Rose Lane, President (2021)
The Rev. Bradley Pace, Vice President (2021)
Johnnie Alex, Secretary (2021)
The Rev. Christopher Beasley, Treasurer (2022)
Richard Farmer, Member at Large (2022)
David Ramsey, Executive Director
Canon Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale, Ex-Officio

Title IV Intake Officer

Title IV is the Episcopal Church’s disciplinary process for dealing with allegations of clergy misconduct. Each diocese has an intake officer responsible for receiving initial complaints. Contact: The Rev. Barb Kempf.

Disciplinary Board

The Title IV Disciplinary Board of the Diocese of Indianapolis serves jointly with the Disciplinary Board of the Diocese of Northern Indiana. This joint board includes both bishops. The current members from the Diocese of Indianapolis are:

The Rev. Allen Rutherford (2022)
The Rev. Rebecca Nickel (2021)
The Rev. Paul Jacobson (2023)
Mr. David Sloan (2022)
Vacant lay position (2021)

Investment and Finance Committee

The Investment & Finance Committee monitors the investment assets and budget of the diocese, and advises the Executive Council, Standing Committee, and congregations of the diocese on financial matters. The committee is also responsible for the administration of the diocese’s revolving loan and grant fund, which assists congregations with financing repairs and capital improvements.

Dr. Laurel Cornell, Chair
Mr. J. Norman Callahan
Ms. Caroline Currie
The Rev. John Denson
Ms. Lara Dreyer
The Rev. Steve Fales
The Rev. Tom Honderich
Mr. Isaiah Kuch
Mr. Max Nottingham
Mr. George Plews
The Rev. C. Davies Reed
Canon Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale, staff liaison

Budget Formation Committee

The Budget Formation Committee advises the Investment & Finance Committee and Executive Council on the drafting of the annual diocesan budget.

The Rev. C. Davies Reed, chair
Dr. Laurel Cornell
Ms. Lara Dreyer
The Rev. Steve Fales
Ms. Rose Anne Grasty
Mr. Max Nottingham
Mr. Greg Staab
Canon Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale, staff liaison

Bishop’s Advisory Group on Mission Strategy

The Rev. Dr. Gray Lesesne, co-convener
Ms. Valeria Phillips, co-convener
The Rev. Dr. Hilary Cooke
The Rev. Dr. John Denson
Ms. Becca Holbrook
The Rev. Frank Impicciche
Ms. Deb Samples
Ms. Penny Schenck
The Rev. Cara Spaccarelli
The Rev. Ben Wyatt
Canon Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale, staff liaison
Canon Kristin White, staff liaison

Personnel Policy and Compensation Committee

The committee sets minimum compensation levels for clergy, makes recommendations for cost of living increases for clergy and lay employees, and makes recommendations to Executive Council on employee benefits and personnel policies.

Ms. Pam Douglas, chair
Mr. Mark Kussmaul
The Rev. C. Davies Reed
Canon Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale, staff liaison

Racial Justice and Education Team

The Racial Justice and Education Team cultivates courageous space for individuals and congregations in the Diocese of Indianapolis to live and walk together through holy discomfort, to create an environment for racial justice, healing, and repair, and to learn, listen, and grow into God’s Beloved Community.

Ms. Kate Bacon, co-chair
Mr. Jay Douglas, co-chair
Mr. Brandon Lowe
The Rev. Bradley Pace
Ms. Natalie Palmer
Ms. Valeria Phillips
The Rev. Cathy Scott
Ms. Mariann Scott
The Rev. Chana Tetzlaff
Terms: 3 years, by appointment of Bishop Jennifer

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