2020 Diocesan Convention

The 183rd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis took place virtually on Saturday, November 7. Read an article about the convention.

Bishop’s Convention Sermon and Convention Keynote

Bishop Jennifer’s Convention Address

Or read the text of Bishop Jennifer’s Convention Address.

Rev. Canon Stephanie Speller’s Keynote


At convention, delegates elected or confirmed lay and clergy people to the following diocesan leadership positions:

  • Commission on Ministry – the Rev. Frank Impicciche, Maria Langston
  • Disciplinary Board – the Rev. Paul Jacobson
  • Standing Committee – George Eastman, the Rev. Erin Hougland
  • Waycross Board – Rose Downs, the Rev. Kirsteen Wilkinson
  • Neighborhood Representatives to Executive Council – the Rev. Paul Jacobson (Edge), the Rev. Mary Bargiel (Waycross), Sally Hardgrove (Crossroads)


The following documents were reviewed and approved at convention:

Constitution & Canons Changes

View the constitution and canons changes. (approved by convention)


View the reports to convention.


View the resolutions to be considered at convention. (approved by convention)

View the rules of order for decorum and debate for convention. (approved by convention)

Convention Schedule

View the final convention schedule.

Convention Worship

View the convention worship bulletin.

Pre-Convention Workshops

Pre-convention workshops took place each Wednesday of October and the first Wednesday in November. Learn more about each offering.

Convention Exhibitors and Vendors

In order to continue to support the ministry of diocesan convention vendors and exhibitors, a virtual exhibit hall was offered during this year’s online convention.

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