2019 Diocesan Convention

The 182nd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis was held at the Monroe Convention Center in Bloomington, on November 15-16.

Bishop’s Convention Sermon and Keynote

Bishop Jennifer’s Convention Sermon

The Very Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas’s Keynote


At convention, delegates elected or confirmed lay and clergy people to the following diocesan leadership positions:

  • Standing Committee, clergy – Drew Downs
  • Standing Committee, lay – Johnnie Alex
  • Commission on Ministry, clergy – Fatima Yakuba-Madus
  • Commission on Ministry, lay – Pamela Smith
  • Disciplinary Board, clergy – Allen Rutherford
  • Disciplinary Board, lay – David Sloan
  • Executive Council Nominees Confirmed – Mary Ellen Brown (Waycross), Lara Dreyer (Wabash), Dick Frey (Edge), John Steel (Confluence)
  • Waycross Board – Christopher Beasley, Alan Geisler

Deputies to the 80th General Convention of the Episcopal Church taking place June 30 – July 9, 2021


  • Terry Noble
  • Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale
  • Pam Douglas
  • Shelbi Fortner

Lay Alternates

  • Lara Dreyer
  • Susan Steeigerwald
  • George Eastman
  • John Hegedus


  • Gray Lesesne
  • Frank Impicciche
  • Holly Zaher
  • Julia Whitworth

Clergy Alternates

  • Bruce Gray
  • Bradley Pace
  • Mary Slenski
  • Drew Downs


Download the resolutions considered at convention. (approved by convention)

Download the courtesy resolutions presented at convention.

Download the Rules for Decorum and Debate.

Download the Convention Delegate Guide.

Budget and Reports

Download the 2020 Diocesan Budget (approved by convention)

Download the list of apportionments by parish (approved by convention)

Download the proposed Constitution and Canons changes (approved by convention)

Download the reports to convention.

Convention Exhibitors
Download a list of convention exhibitors.

Download the final convention schedule.

Download a listing of workshops that were offered at convention.

Convention Worship Download the convention worship booklet.

The convention offering supported the campaign for a new sports and recreation center in the Diocese of Brasília. Read more.

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