Scandalous Grace: An Easter Message from Bishop Jennifer

Bishop Jennifer presides at an outdoor Easter Vigil in 2021 at the Episcopal Church of All Saints, Indianapolis. Photo: Tim Jensen.

Dear Ones,

Last week, I told the clergy of the diocese that a quote by the popular author and motivational speaker Glennon Doyle recently caught my imagination: “If grace isn’t shocking and counter cultural and scandalous and a little ridiculous, then it’s not Grace.”

Some days, grace seems to be so thin on the ground as to be undetectable. We see the gaps between God’s dream for the world and the hard and broken lived experience of the most vulnerable among us, those in the path of war, and those who are scapegoated and hunted down for who God created them to be. Our faith in the risen Christ calls us to see what’s missing.

The Christ-centered, resurrection-oriented, and yes, countercultural way—shows us that the space between the way things are and the way we want them to be is the space where grace can happen. The space in between is not barren, but full of opportunity for grace to abound. Because of course, God is present in that space. Our Easter proclamation is that God is present with us in all of it—cross, empty tomb, and beyond. It is, as Glennon Doyle says, ridiculous.

Friends, in this precious Easter season, as we return to the familiar rituals and practices of our faith changed forever by what we have endured, may God bless us with abundant, scandalous, and life-giving grace. Christ is risen. Alleluia

Bishop Jennifer

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