New Bishop’s Staff Offices: Questions and Answers

Where are the Bishop’s staff’s new offices located?

The new offices are located in the Lacy Building on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis.

How do I contact members of the Bishop’s staff?

The best way to contact members of Bishop Jennifer’s staff right now is by email. The office phone system is in the process of being moved, and so if the staff member you want to reach is working remotely or at the new offices, there will be a slight delay in their ability to listen to your voicemail.

What is the new mailing address for the Bishop and her staff?

The mailing address is 125 Monument Circle, Indianapolis IN 46204.

Will the office phone number change?

No. The office phone number will remain 317-926-5454.

How can I arrange to meet with a member of the Bishop’s staff?

Please email members of the Bishop’s staff to set up a meeting. We can meet in person at a place that is convenient for you, or we can welcome you to the new offices. If you prefer to meet by Zoom or over the phone, we’re glad to do that, too.

If I come to meet with a member of the Bishop’s staff at the new offices, where am I supposed to park? How much will parking cost?

When you visit the new offices, please park at the Express Park Garage at 20 N. Pennsylvania Street, on the corner of Pennsylvania and Market streets. Bring your garage ticket with you to the office and we’ll validate it so your parking will be free.

How do I get to the new offices?

The staff member you have arranged to see will meet you either at Christ Church Cathedral to walk over with you or will meet you in the foyer of the Lacy Building and bring you up the elevator to our offices.

What if I’m not familiar with downtown Indianapolis or Monument Circle?

If you would like to become familiar with downtown Indy and Monument Circle, we’re glad to provide directions and support to help you find your way. If you prefer not to come downtown, we will be happy to find a place to meet that is more convenient for you.

Will all diocesan governing bodies be expected to meet at the new offices?

Diocesan governing bodies are invited to meet either remotely or in-person at the location that is most convenient for the people involved. Please contact Canon Kristin or Canon Brendan with questions.

Why did the Bishop & her staff move from the Indiana Interchurch Center (IIC)?

The offices at the IIC were last renovated at the beginning of Bishop Cate’s tenure in the late-1990s. Since 2018, we have established the need either to move or to renovate substantially the space at the Interchurch Center. In mid-2021, the diocese had the opportunity to rent the new offices at significant savings and to share space with the staff of Christ Church Cathedral. This new space both better meets the needs of our current staff and allows us to collaborate with the dean and staff of the Cathedral.

Isn’t the new space really expensive? How can the diocese afford it?

Because the new offices make it possible to share costs with Christ Church Cathedral, the cost of the new offices is comparable to the cost of the previous space at the IIC.

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