Personnel Policy and Compensation Committee Recommends Cost of Living Increases

At its meetings in August and September, the Personnel Policy and Compensation Committee decided to recommend a cost of living increase for lay and clergy employees of 3-5%. The top end of the range closely reflects actual inflation over the last twelve months, but a 3% floor is provided as an accommodation to the financial difficulties some congregations face. The committee continues to recommend a minimum $500 increase per year of experience in addition to the cost of living increase.

The minimum cash compensation package for full-time diocesan clergy rises to $65,804, not including pension benefits. The committee decided to hold the employee premium cost share for medical insurance at 22% for one more year. The cost share will resume its gradual increase to 25% in 2023. A summary of 2022 compensation policies is available on the diocesan website.

The guidelines issued by the committee are minimums. Congregations are encouraged to evaluate whether higher compensation is warranted when considering merit, equity, and the overall competitive environment. Tools that may aid that evaluation include Charitable Advisors’ 2021 Central Indiana Nonprofit Salary Survey and Church Pension Group’s 2019 Episcopal Clergy Compensation Report.

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