2021 Budget Requests Due by March 1

The Budget Formation Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis has invited members of the diocese to submit budget requests for potential inclusion in the 2021 budget. Submit a budget request online by March 1.

“We want to encourage the creation of new projects that enable us to live out our mission in new ways,” Budget Formation Committee Chair C. Davies Reed says. “We want existing projects to review their activities for the previous year, let us know how effective they have been, and indicate their plans for the future.”

Frequently asked questions about the budget process

Who can propose a Budget Request?

Any group of 3 or more people who are members of the diocese may apply. If you are a member of a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, or a clergyperson canonically resident in the diocese you are a member of the diocese. Priority may be given to groups that include people from two or more parishes.

What are the criteria for a Budget Request?

The project must be one that addresses an issue all across the diocese, or in one neighborhood of the diocese.

The project must address one or more of our five pillars of mission. Avoid listing all of them. Focusing on a more specific goal can often have more impact than trying to cover all the bases.

Proposals that include relationships with existing nonprofits or with ecumenical partners are encouraged.

What is an appropriate amount for a line item?

Any amount. The budget attached to the proposal must be detailed enough that anyone can see that the amount is appropriate. In 2020 amounts ranged from $200 to $160,000.

If our group has previously received support via a line item in the Diocesan Budget, should we apply here?

Yes. We’d like you to report your activities for the past year, assess their effectiveness, and share with us your plans for the coming year. If you prepare an annual report that includes a budget, please attach it in lieu of filling out the form. However, please fill out the question about the criteria and the question about the amount of funding requested.

What about the Cooperating Ministries?

Cooperating ministries are specific groups designated by the Executive Council. Each of the cooperating ministries should forward a .pdf of its annual report to Canon for Administration and Evangelism Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale by the required date.

I’m one of the staff members of the diocese? Should I fill out this form?

No. We trust diocesan staff to know what programs under their purview are central to the diocesan mission. The Budget Formation Committee works directly with them to determine appropriate amounts.

Who reviews the proposals?

The Budget Formation Committee and the Executive Council will review the proposals.

Will all of the budget requests be funded?

It is unlikely that every budget request will be funded.

When should the proposal be submitted?

Proposals will be accepted all year. You are encouraged to discuss your proposal with a member of the diocesan staff. A request for a specific year must received by the Budget Formation Committee by March 1 of the previous year. To be included in the 2021 budget a proposal must be made by March 1, 2020.

If we have questions about our project, who should we ask?

Ask C. Davies Reed, Chair of the Budget Formation Committee, via email or 317-873-4377 or Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale, Canon for Administration and Evangelism via email or 317-926-5454.

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