IU Canterbury House Delegation Heads to Puerto Rico

Visiting Graduate Student Invites Fellow Episcopalians

This morning, six members of the Episcopal campus ministry at Indiana University flew with the Rev. Dr. Linda Johnson, university chaplain, to Puerto Rico. For the next week, the group will work at rehabilitation sites, visit ministries of the Diocese of Puerto Rico and learn from leaders who have responded to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in September.
The trip was inspired by Elenita Irizarry, a graduate student at the University of Puerto Rico who was one of six students hosted by the IU School of Education in the aftermath of the hurricane. Irizarry, who is an Episcopalian, joined the Canterbury House community while she studied at IU. The travelers from IU will visit Irizarry’s home and church and meet with leaders at the university in San Juan. They will also visit the southern part of the island and the southeastern region where the storm first made landfall.

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