Clergy Arrested in Act of Faithful Civil Disobedience

Allen, Carlsen, Yakubu-Madus stand with vulnerable immigrants

This morning, in an act of faithful civil disobedience, three clergy from the Diocese of Indianapolis were arrested as part of a Faith in Indiana protest at the offices of Senators Joe Donnelley and Todd Young.

The Rev. Charles Allen, chaplain at GraceUnlimited campus ministry at Butler University, the Very Rev. Stephen Carlsen, dean of Christ Church Cathedral, and the Rev. Deacon Fatima Yakubu-Madus, diocesan missioner for community engagement and deacon at Christ Church Cathedral, made a faithful witness to gospel justice and were released from police custody quickly and peacefully. Other Episcopal leaders attended the protest to support and care for their colleagues, and I am grateful for their participation especially because I am away at a House of Bishops meeting in Texas.

The faith leaders who gathered in downtown Indianapolis formed a human chain to express their solidarity with vulnerable immigrants. They were motivated by a special concern for Dreamers—the young people who were brought to this country as children without documentation—and those now under threat because of the federal government’s actions against sanctuary cities. Those who were arrested this morning and those who were on hand to support them represent the many Episcopalians in our diocese who have long been active in advocating for our immigrant sisters and brothers. Today’s witness can inspire us all to stand with the marginalized and vulnerable among us in whatever ways we can answer that holy call.

Read coverage and see a video of the action on the Indianapolis Star website.

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