Our Bishop

The Right Rev. Catherine (Cate) Maples Waynick was elected Bishop Coadjutor of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis in January of 1997. She was consecrated on June 7 of that year, and became the Diocesan Bishop on September 10, 1997. As a bishop, Bishop Cate, is first and foremost the chief pastor of the diocese, making herself available both to clergy and lay members. Bishops are the CEOs, COOs, CFOs…at all levels the buck stops on the bishop’s desk! Bishops are required by canon to make official visitations to parishes, to examine parish records, and provide both encouragement and challenge to clergy and lay leaders. Bishop Cate attends two meetings per year each of the House of Bishops and the Province V bishops. At these meetings ideas and information about episcopal ministry are exchanged. Bishops pray, teach, preach, encourage, pray, listen, converse, pray, write, pray, study, pray, you get the idea……




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