Standing Committee

Our Standing Committee is an elected group of servants especially dedicated to overall parish health, stability, and opportunities to grow and thrive. Their duties, responsibilities, selection, and governance is established by Canon 8 of the Diocesan Canons.




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The Rev. Mary Slenski,  President
The Rev. Jenny Hulen, Secretary
Frank Guthrie
Mr. George Moore
The Rev. Jeffrey Bower
The Rev. Canon Bruce Gray, Staff Liaison
The Rt. Rev. Catherine Waynick




Section 1

The Standing Committee of the Diocese shall consist of three clerical members of the Convention and three lay members domiciled in and communicants of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Indianapolis and each member of the committee shall continue in office until that member’s successor has been elected. One clerical member and one lay member of the Standing Committee shall be elected each year for the term of three years. No member of the Standing Committee shall be eligible for reelection to said Committee until the expiration of one year following the completion of his/her term of office. No Bishop or any other person, while a member of the Bishop’s Cabinet, shall be eligible to be elected to or serve as a member of the Standing Committee.

Section 2

The Members of the Standing Committee shall be elected by the Diocesan Convention at its annual meeting from among the persons nominated in the manner provided in Section 4 of this Canon. The election by the Diocesan Convention shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of Canon 4 with each At-Large Member to be elected considered a separate office and voted on separately by the concurrent vote of the clerical and lay delegates.

Section 3

Any vacancy occurring in the Standing Committee may be filled by the remaining members electing a person to serve until the next annual meeting of the Diocesan Convention. Such election shall be by the majority vote of the remaining members present and qualified to vote at any regular or special meeting of the Standing Committee. The person so elected shall meet the eligibility requirements contained in Section 1, shall be of the same order as the person being replaced.

Section 4

(a) For any position to be filled at least two persons from the same order shall be nominated. Nominees need only meet the eligibility requirements set out in Section 1. The nominations shall be by the Committee on Nominations acting as provided in Canon 2.

(b) At the 170th Convention at least three persons, from each order, shall be nominated. The nominee in each order who receives the greatest number of votes shall serve a term of three years. The nominee in each order who receives the next greatest number of votes shall serve a Canon 8 Revised Convention 2007 Printed November 14, 2007 term of two years. Those persons elected to the Standing Committee by the 169th Convention shall serve one year.

Section 5

The first meeting of the Standing Committee following each Diocesan Convention, the Standing Committee shall elect from its own members a President, who may be either a lay person or a member of the clergy, a Vice President, who shall not be of the same order as the President, and a Secretary. When the President is a lay person, the Vice President shall perform any function which requires that a member of the clergy act for the Standing Committee or the clerical members thereof or that a member of the clergy preside over meetings of the Committee or the clerical members thereof. The Secretary shall keep a record of all the proceedings of the Standing Committee which shall be subject at all times to inspection by the Bishop of the Diocese or anyone delegated by the Bishop.

Section 6

A majority of the members of the Standing Committee shall be a quorum; and a majority of the quorum so convened shall be competent to act, unless the contrary is expressly required by a Canon of General Convention.

Section 7

Notice of meetings of the Standing Committee shall be given to its members by its Secretary or by his or her designee, by mail, email, telephone or in person. Such notice shall specify in reasonable detail the business to be transacted and the place and time of the meeting and shall be given at least three days in advance unless it is not reasonably possible to do so.

Section 8

In all matters the Standing Committee will carry out its duties in conformity with the Canons of The Episcopal Church and shall make a full report of its actions to each annual meeting of Convention.

Section 9

This Canon shall take effect immediately upon adoption

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