Advocacy for Justice and Peace

The Episcopal Church, and the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, maintain a strong commitment to justice and peace. One of the most important parts of our mission in central and southern Indiana and beyond includes giving voice to the voiceless and advocating for those who do not feel fully included in our society. While we may not all agree on complex issues, we do commit to shaping a space for discourse around topics that tend to divide people and to staying in community with each other as we converse.. Recent work has included providing discussion space in various parishes on topics such as gun violence, drug and alcohol addiction, economic justice, the death penalty, immigration, GLBT full inclusion, inadequate transportation for the working poor, child safety, immigration, the prison system, and universal access to health care. We reach out to both our state and national legislative system by making phone calls and visits to elected officials, writing letters, and joining together with others in advocacy networks.

If you are interested in a particular social justice issue and would like to connect with our faith-based approach to advocacy, contact

You can also connect on this topic through the work of the national church. See Justice and Advocacy Ministries on The Episcopal Church Website.

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