Clergy Openings

The Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis offers prospective lay and clergy staff an opportunity to pursue their ministries in a supportive and collegial community of faith. We encourage you to explore the callings listed below.

Among other benefits, the Diocese of Indianapolis’ Pathways to Vitality initiative offers a Seminary Debt Assistance Program. “As a seminary grad, working in IndyDio has cut my loan repayment time by almost 70%,” says the Rev. Ben Wyatt. “Pathways assistance cut my debt repayment time from 10 years to just over 3 years.”

Diocese of Indianapolis Clergy Compensation

To learn more about clergy transitions in the Diocese of Indianapolis, visit our transition ministry page.

To learn more about positions open in the Diocese of Indianapolis, to request a list of clergy/diocesan expectations, a sample Letter of Agreement, or if your clergy person is retiring or moving to a new position contact Jennifer Phelps.

All applications must be received by the deadlines stated on this website to be considered.

The Diocese of Indianapolis expects that all parties in the search process will respect confidentiality. Congregations are not to make public the names of those being considered. Applicants and Candidates for positions are not to make public the church where they are applying or interviewing. This includes, but is not limited to, social media.

Congregational Open Positions

St. John's Episcopal Church, Crawfordsville, IN Full-Time Priest-in-Charge

St. John’s Episcopal Church, located in Crawfordsville, Indiana, is a rural community located between Lafayette and Indianapolis.  As the oldest Episcopal church in Indiana (1837), we are seeking a spiritual guide, neighbor and partner to inspire, energize and lead us in our walk with Christ.  As a resilient and compassionate parish with a love for celebrating the Eucharist, we also seek new and innovative ways to minister, to grow and to meet the needs of our whole community in this ever changing world.

Priests interested in entering into mutual discernment, please email a letter of interest, resume, and OTM portfolio to Transition Minister Jennifer Phelps at

Trinity Episcopal Church, Lawrenceburg Three-quarter time Vicar

Trinity Episcopal Church in Lawrenceburg, IN is a small, inclusive, and welcoming faith community. Our previous Vicar recently retired after 25 years with us. While we were blessed to have her with us for such a long tenure we understand that change is natural and inevitable. We are excited for the future with a new Vicar. To that end, we now seek a priest who is compassionate, professional, energetic, and who will lead us in strengthening our church, our faith, and our knowledge of Jesus Christ. We are the only Episcopal Church in Southeast Indiana and have been here since 1840! Lawrenceburg is an historic town on the Ohio River located 30 minutes from downtown Cincinnati, OH. This position will be a three-quarter’s time ministry at first with hope that it will evolve into a full-time calling. Our pay will be very competitive and the benefits through our diocese are truly outstanding.

Priests interested in entering into mutual discernment, please email a letter of interest, resume, and OTM portfolio to Transition Minister Jennifer Phelps at

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Columbus Full-Time Priest-in-Charge

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church’s pastoral sized parish/family works to spread the good news of Christ to a growing and diverse population in Columbus and the surrounding communities. Our building, with an addition and renovation by world class architect Thomas Beeby, is nestled in a neighborhood surrounded by four schools. St. Paul’s architectural legacy mirrors Columbus’s commitment to world-class, modern architecture. Situated in a vibrant southern Indiana community with easy commutes to the urban areas of Indianapolis, Indiana; Bloomington, Indiana; Louisville, Kentucky; and Cincinnati, Ohio; the potential for growth and service is outstanding. We invite you to consider joining us as a Priest-in-charge on our journey toward understanding and accomplishing God’s will. As a congregation, we are financially sound, committed to worship, growth, outreach and the prayerful and joyful spirit of God in our everyday lives.

Priests interested in discerning the possibility of serving in this role, please email a letter of interest, resume, and OTM portfolio to Transition Minister Jennifer Phelps at

Trinity Episcopal Church, Indianapolis Service Corps Program Director & Associate for Spiritual Care

Trinity Indy is seeking an energetic priest or lay person to share in leadership of a resourced, vital urban parish of over 350 households. We look forward to welcoming a creative collaborator to a new position: leading our new Trinity Service Corps, an intentional community of young adults who will live on our campus and serve in our community. They will also have primary oversight over our shared spiritual formation programming and pastoral care. If a priest, the Associate, like all clergy at Trinity, will be a generalist, engaging in preaching, Sacrament, new member incorporation, and pastoral care. We are open either to a newly ordained priest/deacon, a longer tenured priest, or a lay leader with related professional experience.

For more information, please visit the full job description on our website. To apply, please send your resume and letter of interest and 3 references to An OTM profile is welcome, but not required. Applications will be considered as received, until the position is filled.

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