The Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis is committed to welcoming and protecting all people who participate in activities in our parishes and at events sponsored by the diocese. Sexual misconduct on the part of any clergy person, employee or volunteer of any congregation, school, or diocesan-affiliated organization violates the mission of the church, is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

The Safeguarding/Praesidium Academy courses teach how exploitation and harassment occur, the awareness we need to prevent such occurrences and how to respond, should an incident of exploitation or harassment occur.

Safeguarding/Praesidium Academy Training

As part of its commitment to preventing sexual misconduct, the Diocese of Indianapolis requires all clergy and lay leaders and everyone who cares for children or participates in leadership roles in a church settings to complete online ‘Safeguarding’ training. Our updated Safeguarding guidelines were approved in October 2019. Download the policy. In 2021, the Safeguarding program was updated and is also known as Praesidium Academy.

Contact Jen Phelps with any questions about the program.


If you need to make a confidential report about abuse or harassment that has happened within the church, please email the Rev. Barb Kempf, the intake officer for disciplinary matters. To learn more about the Episcopal Church’s clergy disciplinary process, visit the Title IV website.

As detailed in the diocesan Safeguarding policy, “anyone who has reason to suspect that abuse, neglect, or exploitation has taken place is mandated to contact the State of Indiana Department of Health and Human Services Child or Adult Protective Services.”



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