The Transition Team for the 11th Bishop of Indianapolis is collecting funds for Bishop Cate’s retirement gift. Please help us thank +Cate and Larry for their undying devotion to the Diocese with this substantial support as a sign of our gratitude for all that they have given to us over the years. We hope that all members of the Diocese and friends of the Waynicks will contribute to this fund. All gifts of whatever amount are welcomed and honored.

We have identified two gifts we would like to give to Bishop Cate. The first is a trip for two to Italy. Although +Cate has been to Rome for her work as Governor of the Anglican Centre in Rome, she has not had time to enjoy the beauty of Italy. The second gift is a donation in her name to Waycross Camp and Conference Center. Bishop Cate has a special place in her heart for Waycross and it’s ministry.

You may send a check made out to Diocese of Indianapolis and marked “Cate’s Retirement Trip” or “Cate’s Waycross Fund” to Canon Marsha Gebuhr, 1100 West 42nd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208. You may contribute online by going to and selecting your gift to go to “other” and then type in “Cate’s Retirement Trip” or “Cate’s Waycross Fund.” There is also the option of splitting your donation between the two funds.

Thank you for helping us to be generous to two people who have been unselfishly generous to us.

The Transition Team for the Eleventh Bishop of Indianapolis


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