Received Reports for 2017

We have received these Reports to the Diocesan Convention in October. 

2017 Report to Diocesan Convention: Episcopal Women's Ministry (EWM)
Episcopal Women’s Ministries (EWM) Diocese of Indianapolis 2016-2017 Annual Report to Diocesan Convention 2017 In participation and collaboration with Episcopal Church Women, United Thank Offering, Church Periodical Club, Episcopal Health Ministry, Women’s Caucus, and The Order of the Daughters of the King, the Diocesan Episcopal Women’s Ministries (EWM) endeavors to fulfill our Mission Statement of supporting women on their journey in the service of Christ.  The communication resources of EWM are varied, filled with interesting content, and read by many throughout the year ...
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ALTERNATIVES INCORPORATED — Diocesan Convention Report 2017 
Alternatives Incorporated, embraced as a Cooperating Ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis at the 2004 Convention, is a 501(c)(3) organization operating with the following mission: “Alternatives Incorporated strives to eradicate domestic and sexual violence through education, prevention, and intervention in Central Indiana.” ...
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Report of the Standing Committee to the 180th Convention of the Diocese of Indianapolis
The exceptional task of the Standing Committee this year was to continue the stewardship of the transition from Bishop X to Bishop XI, post-election.  The Standing Committee had charge of the consent process, the consecration events, and the Letters of Agreement with the Bishop-elect.  We had called two sub-committees early in the transition: the Search Committee and the Transition Committee.  With the work of the Search done, the bulk of the work passed to the Transition Committee who were responsible for the election held at the 179th Convention and all the sacred and celebratory events of the retirement of Cate Waynick, Bishop X, and the consecration of Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, Bishop XI.  The election was historically significant and the embrace by the entire Episcopal Church was overwhelming.  The Transition Committee, led admirably by Jeff Brinkman, responded with Hoosier hospitality to guests from across the Church.  We are grateful ...
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