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safeguarding Relationships among people are at the foundation of Christian ministry and as such are central to the life of the church. Defining healthy and safe relationships through policies and codes of conduct assists the church in more clearly defining behaviors and practices that demonstrate its love and compassion in sincere and genuine relationships. Because child sexual abuse and adult sexual harassment and exploitation involve the misuse of power by those in positions of authority, it is the church’s responsibility to ensure that persons in positions of authority are trustworthy. Prevention is important because an organization which serves those who are most vulnerable may attract individuals who seek inappropriate sexual gratification with others.

Accordingly, the Church has a responsibility to all of its members to distinguish between the many sincere and faithful adult servants, and the few who violate the trust placed in them. It is through the Sexual Abuse Policies and the Safeguarding Programs, that the Diocese of Indianapolis seeks to live out its responsibilities in this area. The Diocese of Indianapolis requires initial training through our Safeguarding programs and that this training be updated every three years, as well as adherence to the various Safeguarding policies, for all congregations and institutions of the diocese as they seek to establish and maintain standards to keep all church members and participants safe.

All required courses are available online at We no longer offer the courses in a classroom setting. Contact your Parish Administrator to get set up on the Safeguarding system so you can take the courses at your convenience.

More Info?  Contact Rev. Jan Oller, Diocesan Safeguarding Administrator at




Background Checks

As a part of our Safeguarding efforts, background checks are performed.
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Employee & Benefits Catalog

Safeguarding Policies, Safeguarding Support documents, Handbook, Electronic Communications Policy.
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Safeguarding and Sexual Abuse Policies

The stated policies of the diocese concerning Safeguarding and sexual abuse.
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