digital mediaThere have been several questions lately about digital images–what is free, what needs to be paid, and what/how photos need to be credited. Photos that are free and unrestricted (though you may occasionally need to acknowledge a model or property release) are called public domain photos. An Internet search will reveal an extensive list of public domain open stock image sites such as and

There are also literally hundreds of sites, large and small, that offer digital images involving some type of small fee or specific usage or photo credit policy. The important thing is to know your photo source and follow their rules to avoid legal problems. If you are looking for good free photos, or have some doubt about navigating the rules/permissions process around an image you wish to use, the diocesan communication office stands by to help! We also can assist you in locating/securing any particular type of image you may want to promote your next conference or special event. Just contact or for more info. Thanks!

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