Can you spare just $99 to help make the Lunches and Lessons program in Mithon, Haiti, continue? Your Global Missions Commission is seeking 303 gifts of $99 each to help make this critical program possible for Mithon, Haiti’s children during the year to come. 

Lunches and Lessons now serves 300+ children and employs eight full-time teachers and staff, with an annual budget of $32,000 to provide simple lunches and a time of instruction and supervision for these children.

The diocesan Global Missions Commission needs just 303 volunteers here in the diocese to contribute $99 to meet the funding goals for the coming year.

  • You can contribute as an individual, a family, a parish, a group within your parish, or even extend this invitation to include others in your community, such as school and scout groups.
  • You can make one or more gifts of $99.
  • Hint: Sponsoring a child in someone’s name as a gift for a birthday holiday, or another special occasion is a wonderful idea and we can acknowledge your gift to the recipient/s.
  • Global Missions is matching gifts with a $7,500 contribution which makes everyone’s contribution go further.

Work has continued in Mithon on many other fronts.

  • Since last October’s Diocesan Convention, potable drinking water has been restored to the region by making repairs to the well in Mithon.
  • Our diocese has also provided funding for the repairs to the school that houses our Lunches and Lessons program.
  • Your Global Missions Commission just recommended a crop fund grant program to provide resources to 100 families (seeds, fertilizer, seedlings, etc.) to rebuild their crops in Mithon following the destruction of last year’s crops by Hurricane Matthew.

This has all been supported by the $120,000 of the remaining Haiti Fund, established in 2011 by our diocese.

Three members of the Global Missions Commission travelled to Mithon September 20-23 (Marilyn Day, Bradley Ayers and the Rev. Jeff Bower) to recommit to exploring our companionship with Haiti, build our relationships, and engage in conversations about past and future development and transformation in the region of Mithon. Watch for future reports!

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