Diocese Names Pathways to Vitality Priest

Erin Hougland has been called as the Pathways Priest for the Diocese of Indianapolis. Erin is a seminarian in the Diocese of Indianapolis. We are very excited to have her joining the Pathways project. She begins her full-time ministry on June 1.

The Pathways priest will serve three congregations for eight months each, helping them learn and apply the concepts and practices taught in the first year of the Pathways Priest and Congregations program.

Applications to be one of those congregations are available through the diocesan and Pathways websites, or by contacting Canon Bruce Gray.

Erin brings both achievements and skills to the position. Her experiences in the non-profit world as well as in church ministries have prepared her well for the demands that will be placed on the Pathways Priest. She has a track record of accomplishments working with volunteers, as well as experiences in leading changes in complex organizations. She also has led training efforts and done curriculum development work, which will be part of the ministry of the Pathways priest.

Melissa Hickman, Canon Debra Kissinger, and Canon Bruce Gray did extensive recruiting for the position within the Episcopal Church. Each seminary was contacted by email with a follow-up phone conversation requesting applicants for the position. The position was posted with the Office for Transitional Ministry, presented by Debra at Transitional Ministry conferences, advertised by the Episcopal Church Foundation in their work with senior seminarians, and informal networks were utilized as well. From those efforts, we had four qualified finalists who were interviewed by Bruce.

If you have any questions about the Pathways project, please contact Canon Bruce Gray.