Anglican Prayer BeadsAnglican Prayer Beads: A Rosary for Episcopalians

Anglican Prayer Beads, also known as the Anglican Rosary, is a relatively new prayer form that is a blending of the Marian (Roman Catholic) Rosary and the Orthodox Jesus Prayer Rope. Since the earliest of times, people have used pebbles or a string of knots or beads on a cord to keep track of prayers offered to God.

Some form of a rosary, or prayer beads, has been found in virtually every major religious tradition in the world. The Anglican form of this rosary style prayer method came out of a contemplative prayer group that met in the mid 1980’s and was created by an Episcopal priest. Comprised of 33 beads, the number of years Our Lord walked this earth, it is well grounded in Incarnational theology and the symbolism contained in it points towards the Celtic view of the sanctity of all of God’s creation.

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