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Diocesan Pathways to Vitality Conference Explores Financial Integrity

Comedian Peter Dunn and the Rev. Rick Foss, a former ELCA Lutheran bishop of Eastern North Dakota, spoke bluntly—as well as with humor—about financial integrity in families and congregations when they opened the Pathways to Vitality conference Saturday, April 16.

The two main speakers identified key issues about honesty and money, and entertained about 200 lay and clergy leaders representing all the diocese’s congregations at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Peter Dunn (also known as Pete the Planner) revealed that financial wellness begins at home and identified behavior—not money—as the best way to talk about budget health.

“Crossed fingers are the No. 1 financial strategy in America, but hope is an awful planning strategy,” Dunn said. Literacy and wellness are essential components of sound money practices, and knowing how to use your financial products is at the root.

Dunn’s humorous example about knowing the details of your financial life versus knowing how to behave with your money is that 91 percent of Americans check their checking account balance at work.

“At the heart of this problem is ‘presenteeism’. This is a loss of productivity (that is very serious), when your mind is somewhere else,” he said.

Another hard reality of Americans’ financial behavior is that 11 percent of workers have garnishments for their debts, and too many workers “push the raise envelope”—because they don’t live under their means, they spend the difference between their old wages and new wages, instead of saving that money.

The No. 1 reason to spend beneath your means, Dunn said, is to retire. He spoke of a three-legged stool of financial wellness in retirement being savings, social security and expenses.

He pointed out that eliminating expenses—living beneath your means—is an important now behavior that impacts how you can live later in retirement.

On the subject of behavior, Dunn pointed to his own household. When he was a newlywed “our first household budget meeting was about a month after we were married.” His wife noted that he ate about 20 meals at Panera restaurant the previous month and used his debit card. “Yes, that’s true, I said” and he promised to never do that again.

He spun this story into his philosophy about how Americans spend money:

A disconnect exists between spending behaviors and sources of money, he said. In American households “the average number of expenditures per week is about 22” for daily necessities and should be from 10 to 14 a week. “If chips are one of your transactions, you’re in trouble.”

And finally, Dunn said that the goal of working to retirement with enough money to live on is being threatened by another dangerous behavior—the PLUS Loan (college loans taken out by parents for their children). “This will be the headline you see for the next 60 months.”

Student debt was a main topic of the Rev. Foss, who has been hired by the Indianapolis-based Lilly Endowment to coordinate programs within the Endowment’s national initiative to address economic challenges facing pastoral leaders.

The Rev. Foss drew a picture of student loan debt that is very serious, noting that effective leadership is impossible among those recently ordained clergy with very high debt.  High debt pre-occupies clergy and keeps them from focusing on their leadership in the parish.

“Vitality has nothing to do with size, but there were healthy and unhealthy congregations” when he was a Lutheran bishop.  He noted that some pastors in his congregations had personal financial difficulties that made them unable to lead because they were focused on their own problems.

He said that clergy as a group are motivated to help others, and have high integrity, but they have poor financial skills and savvy when they feel like they should be on top of it “and feel like I can’t lead or help myself, and are ashamed”.

Previously in the program, Canon Bruce Gray noted that 50 percent of clergy have student loan debt when they leave seminary.

Many newly-ordained clergy leave the ministry after five years if they have $30,000 or more in student debt, Gray said. Canon Gray said that in today’s church a third of clergy can’t afford to tithe, and this brings shame and sorrow that they can’t talk about with parish leadership.

Clergy financial wellbeing equals vital congregations, so authentic communications about possibilities become the focus of congregations, he said. The goal is “to lift the veil of silence surrounding money so we can all share in the generosity of God.”

The Pathways to Vitality conference was made possible by a grant from Lilly Endowment’s National Initiative to Address Economic Challenges Facing Pastoral Leaders. The $798,500 grant will fund a variety of new and existing financial literacy programs in the diocese designed to enhance ministerial innovation, vitality and sustainability in our congregations.

The Diocese of Indianapolis will

  • enhance existing financial literacy programs and services for clergy and lay leaders;
  • enhance congregational innovation, vitality and sustainability; and
  • establish the ministerial excellence fund to provide financial support to clergy.

A fourth component has established a $50,000 budget to support the relationship building work of the new bishop and successfully launch the new Episcopate in 2017.

Research Findings from Lilly Grant

Dear Friends:

Last February, we started on a journey to explore the possible impact financial stress may have upon our clergy, and therefore, the wellbeing of our congregations. Lilly Endowment Inc. generously provided the funds for a comprehensive research process to help us listen to and learn from each other. The research is now complete.

We have learned that the “conspiracy of silence” regarding clergy financial challenges is well entrenched in our congregations and in our diocese. The planning process rigorously challenged our assumptions regarding clergy financial wellness and has initiated important conversations regarding financial literacy among our clergy and our lay leaders.

Our ability to have honest, transparent conversations about money is crucial to our spiritual health and our ability to find creative solutions to financial problems. My hope is that our participation in this project will help us move toward that place of health. With information and insights from the research, we have submitted a second grant request to Lilly Endowment to address the financial literacy opportunities and challenges in our diocese. Additionally, we may secure the financial resources to establish a diocesan fund to assist clergy and their families in financial crisis.

The grant request was submitted in August, and we expect to receive a response by the end of the year. This important work was faithfully completed by a steering committee consisting of volunteers from around the diocese. Please join me in thanking the following individuals for their work and service.

  • Peggy Allen, St. Stephen, Terre Haute
  • Christopher Beasley, St. Peter, Lebanon
  • Lloyd Brewer, St. John, Lafayette
  • Jeff Brinkman, Trinity, Indianapolis
  • Charles Carpenter, Retired, Mitchell Joseph (Chip) Chillington, Retired, Terre Haute
  • Kathy Copas, Diocesan Staff
  • David Emerson, Holy Family, Fishers
  • Kenneth File, Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis
  • Rachelle Galvin, Holy Family, Fishers
  • Marsha Gebuhr, Diocesan Staff
  • Bruce Gray, Diocesan Staff
  • Richard Halladay, Retired, Nashville
  • Erin Hougland, Seminarian, Indianapolis
  • Rees Olander, St. John, Crawfordsville
  • Marc Vance, St. Paul, Columbus
  • Thomas Wood, Trinity, Bloomington

We also are grateful to Lilly Endowment for helping us to challenge our assumptions and giving us the resources to explore them with the planning grant.

I remain faithfully yours in Christ.

+Catherine M. Waynick

Bishop of Indianapolis

Download: Final Research Report 10 7 15

The Society of the Magi

Society of the MagiThe Society of The Magi was created by the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis as an umbrella legacy society to promote and support the faithful stewardship of God’s gifts and resources.   All who have named their church (or other Episcopal institution) as a beneficiary in their estate plans  belong to the legacy society of the beneficiary church or institution first and The Society of The Magi second.   All who have made such provisions are invited to join the Society by notifying us of the gift, regardless of the size.

Help us identify those who have already made such provisions in their estates. May we come and talk with your congregation about planned gifts?

John Oaks is your contact.  Phone: 317-926-5454, ext 7; 800-669-5786, ext. 7; Fax 317-926-5456 or

The fruits of a planned gift go to the beneficiary church or institution.  No funds go to the diocese unless the diocese is a named beneficiary.

Membership List

  • Rick & Becky Adams
  • Patricia & Gates Agnew
  • Jon & Betty Amy
  • The Rev. Jack & Janet Andersen
  • Anonymous (Multiples)
  • Betty Anton
  • Kate Appel
  • Appleton Endowment*
  • Lyman & Isabel Ayers II*
  • Priscilla Bain
  • Edith Barber*
  • Margaret Barkley*
  • Frances Barrow
  • The Rev. John Barrow
  • Roy Battenhouse*
  • Paul & Ethelyn Bergevin*
  • Roberta Berry
  • Dr. Edward Birge*
  • Lowell Black, Jr.*
  • Natalie Boehm
  • William Book*
  • Bennet & Cynthia Brabson
  • Julia Brabson*
  • Charles Braden
  • Lena Braugher*
  • Jim & Gina Bremner
  • Claudia Brink
  • Jeffrey Brinkman
  • Mary Jane Brooks
  • Mary Ellen Brown
  • Marcia Bryan*
  • Robert Burke*
  • Walter Burnham*
  • Joel & Diane Burrell
  • William Bynum*




  • Lucy Carmichael*
  • The Rev. Bill Casady*
  • Anne Cassel*
  • Sally Cassidy
  • Ross & Joan Cecil
  • The Rev. Gordon Chastain
  • Scott Christie*
  • Walter & Helen Chroniak*
  • Andrew Churchill
  • “King” Cole*
  • Greg Buzzard & The Rev. Hillary Cooke
  • Ruth Ann Correll*
  • The Rev. Kathryn Costas
  • James Cramer
  • John & Janet Craun
  • The Rev. Kate Cullinane
  • Ralph Daniel*
  • Helen Davenport*
  • Emma Davis*
  • David Dawson
  • Marylin Day
  • The Rev. Jean Denton & Tom *Barnes
  • Jean Duvall*
  • Elizabeth Duvall*
  • Dorothy Dugdale*
  • The Rev. Joe* & Shirley Dunne
  • Pat* & Ann Ellis
  • Gregg Staab & Missy Ellis
  • Scott Evenbeck
  • Frank* & Thelma Everett
  • Fran & Dennis Fach
  • Ionia & Marshall Fallwell*
  • Helen Faulkner
  • Ella Feltus*
  • Henry Feltus*
  • Luther Ferguson*
  • The Rev. David & Betty Ferner
  • Michael Fields
  • Don & Sheila Fobes*
  • Charles Forker*
  • Elizabeth Fortune*
  • Haidee Franzmann*
  • Anna Mary Frazier*
  • Doug & Dontie Fuller
  • Marjorie Fuller*


  • Muriel Ganser
  • Mark Gastineau
  • Jean Gifford
  • The Venerable Alice & Dr. Bob Goshorn
  • The Rev. Canon Bruce Gray
  • Pauline Gregory
  • William & Carolyn Griffith*
  • Mary Evelyn Guinn*
  • Gullick Family Trust*
  • Judith Gustafson
  • Albertine Hall*
  • The Rev. Dr. Richard & Jan Halladay
  • Reed Halliday*
  • James & Roberta Halter*
  • Louise Hansen*
  • Sandra Hardee*
  • Joel Harrison
  • Frank & Pat Hartman
  • Dr. Pat & Danielle Havens
  • Ann & James Heath
  • Jennie Henshaw*
  • Sam & Susie Hildebrand
  • The Rev. Don Hill
  • Margaret Himes*
  • Benjamin Hitz*
  • Bob Hogan
  • Dr. Frank & Margaret Holland*
  • Dr. J.E.P. Holland*
  • Margaret Ashby Todd Holland*
  • Barney Hollett*
  • Kristine Holtvedt
  • The Rev. Tom Honderich
  • Gretchen Horlacher
  • Tom & Linda Howard
  • Janet Huber
  • Shannie Hughes
  • Dr. William Hughes
  • Nancy Hutchens
  • Ivan & Margaret Jahns
  • The Rev. Jerry Janzen
  • Arliss & Linda Jeffries
  • Annette Johansson
  • Amy Johnson
  • Eugene Johnston*
  • Anne Jones
  • The Rev. Don & Margaret Jones
  • Sister Ellen Jones-Carney
  • The Rt. Rev. Ted Jones*
  • Elise & Harold Jordan*
  • Dorothea Lee Karsell-Newcomb*
  • Flora Kearney*
  • Marilyn Keiser
  • Randy & Mary Ann Keko
  • Karen E. King
  • Charles Kinderman
  • Alice Kinne*
  • Ralph Knode*
  • The Rev. Canon Debra Kissinger
  • The Rev. Todd Kleffman
  • Kaye Kleine-Ahlbrandt
  • Evelyn Krebs*
  • The Rev. Tom & Dr. Liz Kryder-Reid



  • Nancy Laughlin
  • The Rev. Hugh Laughlin*
  • David & Joan Lewis*
  • Penny & George Lewis
  • Rebecca Lewis
  • Eli Lilly*
  • Dr. Bev Linde
  • David Litsey, DPM
  • Richard & Katherine Little*
  • Sandi Macdonald*
  • The Rev. Barry & Carolyn MacDowell
  • Leonard Macklin*
  • Margo Marmon*
  • Patrick & Jane Martin
  • Stephen & Gretchen Martin
  • The Rev. Charlie & Charlotte Mason
  • Caryl Matthews
  • Elaine Mattson
  • Dave & Karen McAvoy
  • The Rev. Susan McBeath
  • David* & Janet McClain
  • David & Susan McCollum
  • Malcome McDonald*
  • Miriam McDonald*
  • Peggy McIntire*


  • John & Betty Meeks
  • Roy & Fran Meeks
  • Thomas* & Beatrice Mertens
  • Bradley Messamore*
  • Bob & Sylvia Miessler
  • Gene & Flo Miller, Jr.*
  • Laura Mills
  • John Mills
  • Katy & Milt Mondor*
  • Hugh & Karin Moore
  • Mark & Mary Mordue
  • Ric Morgan
  • Dick* & Lila Morris
  • Becky & Jim* Morrison
  • Marcy Murphy*
  • Betty Rose Nagle
  • Robert & Elizabeth Neeley
  • Cristy Nicholson
  • Helen Nicholson
  • Joan Nicholson*
  • Max & Phyllis Nottingham



  • Beth Oaks*
  • John Vernon Oaks
  • Margery Ogle*
  • Rees & Wayne Olander
  • Scott & Hazel Olive*
  • The Rev. Jan Oller
  • Marge Olsen
  • Halder & Catherine Palmer*
  • Dr. Marion Paris
  • Louise Patten*
  • Dr. Bruce* & Sally Peck
  • The. Rev. Connie Peppler
  • Mrs. Teddy Pfister
  • Leonard & Mary Phillips*
  • “Maxx” Platt-Rayfield*
  • Dr. John* & Lois Pless
  • Corky & Chris Plews
  • Ray Polstra
  • The Rev. Martha & Wayne Ponader
  • Doug & Barbara Powell
  • The Rev. David & Donna Purvis
  • Michael & Marti Ramsey
  • Dennis Raubenolt
  • Nancy Rayfield
  • Robert Rayfield*
  • Sally Reahard*
  • The Rev. C. Davies Reed
  • Evelyn Regan*
  • Elizabeth Reinhart*
  • Hugh & Victoria Resnick
  • Erma & John Rich*
  • Claude Rich*
  • Carl Ricketts*
  • Betty Ritzman
  • Murray & Sue Robinson
  • The Rev. Carl Roos
  • The Rev. Michelle Roos
  • Jim & Marylin Ross
  • Dr. Bob & Helen Rudesill
  • Fred & Bev Ruebeck
  • Martha Rutland



  • Tom & Susie Sams
  • Mary Louise Sanders*
  • Ellen Schutt*
  • The Rev. Mike Scime
  • Foster Scott*
  • Peter & Sabine Sehlinger
  • Hildy Sherwin
  • Ann Shupert
  • James & Ruth Simmons
  • Katherine Simmons
  • Bonnie Skogland
  • The Rev. Mary Slenski
  • The Rt. Rev. Bill & Carol Smalley
  • David & Marie Louise Smith
  • Henry Smith*
  • Bill and Sandra Spice
  • Gerald St. Amand
  • Hugh & Cynthia St. Leger
  • Wendy Standiford
  • Mary & John Stanley
  • Bill Starr
  • Janet Stavropoulos
  • Cornright Stephenson*
  • Mildred Stephenson*
  • Mrs. Thomas Arthur Stewart*
  • Jim & Cheryl Strain
  • Georgianne Strange*
  • Ann Strong
  • Edgar Sweeney*
  • Winfred Tackett
  • Henry & Avis Sophia Tarrant*
  • The Rev. Ed & Patty Tourangeau
  • Howard Tourner*
  • Blanche Townsend
  • Carolyn Tufford*
  • Wayne & Karen Turner
  • Dave & Tammy Turner-Vorbek
  • Alice Usher*



  • David Van Ostrand
  • Shannie Van Ostrand
  • Cynthia Randolph & Justice Vaughn Courtney Waddell*
  • Charles Waldron*
  • Jane Walters
  • The Rev. Pete & Mary Walton
  • Charles Watson
  • Jeffrey Martin & Kathryn Watson
  • The Rt. Rev. Cate & Larry Waynick
  • Carol Ann Webb
  • Francis & Rebecca Wessel*
  • The Very Rev. Earl* & Colleen Whepley
  • Scott & Kay Whitaker
  • Thomas White*
  • Sally Whitten*


  • The Rev. Bill & Lucy Wieland
  • Fred & Elizabeth Wiese
  • Andy Wilkinson
  • David & Doris Wilkinson
  • The Rev. Kirsteen Wilkinson
  • The Rev. Mollie & Peter Williams
  • Frank Wilson*
  • George Wilson*
  • Ken & Mary Anne Winslow
  • Margaret Mohr Winters
  • Rich Winters
  • The Rev. Dr. Nancy Woodworth-Hill
  • Ace & Beth Yakey
  • Dick & Betty Yoder




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Lay Eucharistic Visitor (LEV)

Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEV’s) have a licensed, trained ministry of taking the word of God and the consecrated Holy Communion to those who are unable to be present at worship and Holy Eucharist. Training sessions are scheduled periodically in various areas in the diocese. The LEV Application must be completed and taken to the training.

  • For more information on LEV ministry:
  • Calendar for Training:
  • Application Form & Procedure:

Stephen Ministries

At Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis

Stephen Ministers are caring friends who listen, care, pray, support and encourage fellow parishioners and friends of the Cathedral community. With over 50 hours of training in providing emotional and spiritual care, Stephen Ministers are completely confidential companions to people going through long-term illnesses, job and family transitions, spiritual or personal crises, or who simply need a listening ear.

If you or a loved one would like the confidential ministry of a Stephen caregiver, or if you are interested in exploring the training required to become a Stephen caregiver, contact The Rev. Canon Gray Lesesne at or 317-636-4577.

More info: The National Organization

Education for Ministry (EFM)


Education for Ministry (EFM) is an intensive lay ministry education program offered by the Seminary of the South at Sewanee. EFM groups meet in every region of the diocese.

Contact: For more information on connecting with a study group in your area, contact Ms. Sandy Hudson or The Rev. Canon Bruce Gray .

See Also: To learn more about EFM churchwide, go to

Form: EFM_Grant_Application.pdf

Lay Leadership Grants

ApplicationFor Whom?

Any lay church member who is personally involved, or planning to be involved, in a specific ministry for their congregation or the Diocese.

For What?

Funding assistance for workshops, conferences, or specialized ministry training.  This grant does not cover mission trips or pilgrimages.

How Much?

Maximum of $400 per year may be granted.  It is expected that the applicant and the applicant’s congregation will each contribute at least one third of the total cost toward the course of study.


  1. Written application form must be submitted to Canon for Transition Ministries and Leadership Development prior to date of event, preferably 6 or more weeks in advance.
  2. Application must include brochure, flyer, or information about the intended course of study.
  3. Application must include signature of Priest in Charge and Senior Warden.  This indicates vestry support of at least one third of the total cost toward the course of study.
  4. All grant applications will be considered and approved by Bishop and Cabinet.
  5. Summary report (1-2 pages) should be submitted to the Canon for Transition Ministries and Leadership Development within two weeks after the event.  Future grant requests will not be considered by the Cabinet if a summary report is not submitted.

 If you have further questions, contact the Canon for Transition Ministries and Leadership Development at the diocesan office 317-926-5454 or


Lay Leadership Grant Application (2013) (84 KiB)

National Episcopal Health Ministries (NEHM)

national-episcopal-health-ministriesOur vision
…that every Episcopal congregation becomes a vibrant, caring place of health and wholeness.

Our mission
…to promote health ministry in Episcopal congregations, assisting them to reclaim the Gospel imperative of health and wholeness.

Our commitment is to:

  • Christ as Healer
  • Health as a holy, natural and continuous process
  • Stewardship of the body and all God’s creation
  • Authentic and holy relationships
  • Integration of the inner journey and the external life
  • Reconciliation in a broken and fragmented world

Who we serve:

  • Health ministers who promote health and healing within Episcopal congregations
  • Episcopal congregations
  • Episcopal clergy
  • Episcopal dioceses and provinces

How we serve:

  • Educating leaders for Episcopal health ministry and parish nursing
  • Supporting those engaged in health ministry in Episcopal congregations through membership opportunities
  • Providing resources to local congregations, diocese and provinces
  • Collaborating with other faith communities, institutions and health organizations


Contact: NEHM Contact Form & Info