GebuhrCanon Marsha Gebuhr is responsible for the day to day management functions of the Diocese. She administers all Benefits and Personnel programs as well as all Diocesan insurance programs and disseminates all relevant information to congregations, co-operating ministries and Diocesan institutions She supervises the diocesan support staff and works with the Personnel Policy and Compensation committee in reviewing and updating compensation guidelines, supplemental benefits and employee manuals.  She supports the finance committee during the budget development process and administers various portions of the budget and is responsible for the accounting/bookkeeping of Designated Funds which fall outside of the Diocesan Budget. She handles the church investments and distributions from the Diocesan Special Fund and produces monthly financial statements and check reconciliation, wire transfers and the posting of Trust Funds.  She assists parishes with accounting issues and files all annual required state and federal filings. She sets up annual audits for parishes and facilitates the annual diocesan audit and handles the diocesan payroll.

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