Bullying Prevention Resources

Bullying Prevention: Creating a Culture of Acceptance took place on Saturday, March 9 2013. The program was sponsored by the Children’s Resource Group, Peace Learning Center, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana State Teachers Association, and the Arts Council of Indianapolis. The Resources listed below are from the symposium.

The Goals of the event were:

  •  Raise awareness of the serious nature of bullying & how it impacts every sector of our community.
  •  Help participants understand that prevention is the most effective way to address the problem.
  •  Empower attendees to become actively involved in preventing bullying in individual situations & in the larger community.

Most students of all ages have been exposed to bullying and peer aggression in one way or another. These students typically fall into one of three categories: bullies, targets, or bystanders. It has become clear, however, that a new category needs to be developed. We need to teach our children to become “upstanders” – people who will not look the other way, walk off, or join in when others are being victimized. Instead, we need to help our children demonstrate compassion, strength, and courage in helping to put an end to these harmful behaviors.

  • Be a Friend, Lend a Hand
  • Be a Mentor
  • Body Image and Bullying
  • What Schools need to know about Bullying and the Law
  • Programs to Prevent Bullying and Peer Agression in Schools
  • Tribe Learning Communities
  • Reaching All through Tribes
  • LGBTQ Resource Booklet
  • Bullying and Psychopathology
  • Willard Keynote Address
  • Legal Issues

To learn more about this topic, please contact CRG (Children’s Resource Group) at www.childrensresourcegroup.com.