Benefits Information: Clergy Compensation Guidelines

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> 2017 Clergy Guidelines (Final To EC) pdf
> 2018 Clergy Guidelines (Final To EC) - Approved docx
> Handbook 2017 Update docx
> Policy: Legal Fees for Parish Consultations pdf
> Supplemental Benefits 2018 docx
> Supplemental Benefits Update - 2017 pdf

Other Benefits Information

03/27/2017 Clergy Compensation Explanation (Draft)

03/27/2017 Clergy Compensation Explanation (Draft)

A draft of the Clergy Compensation Explanation was submitted to the Executive Council at their March meeting. It was also shared at the Clergy Conference ...
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Statue of justice

A New Benefit for Parish and Ministries

Your Executive Council has entered into an agreement with the legal firm of Plews, Shadely, Racher & Braun LLP, to assist member parishes or ministries ...
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Employee & Benefits Catalog

Safeguarding Policies, Safeguarding Support documents, Handbook, Electronic Communications Policy ...
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Benefits Information: PERCEPT is a web site for pastors and lay leaders like you… ...
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Pharmacy Benefits

Benefits Information: Pharmacy Coverage 2017

All clergy or lay people under one of the diocesan medical plans for 2017 will again have their prescription drug plans, both retail and mail ...
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Dental instruments and drill

Benefits Information: Dental Premiums for 2017

A list of plans available to all clergy and lay employees working at least 20 hours per week… ...
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Benefits Information: Employee Assistance Program

Available to all clergy and laity participating in an under 65 medical insurance plan in 2017 is an EAP program administered by CIGNA Behavioral Health ...
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concept of benefits word on wooden colorful cubes

Benefits Information

Canon Marsha Gebuhr is the contact person and administrator for benefits in the diocese ...
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Medical history record

Benefits Information: Medical Premiums for 2017

Benefits information for employees and clergy of the diocesan household ...
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