Put it on your calendar for 2017!

Social Media Sunday a Big Success

Kathy Copas
Coordinator of Communication and Evangelism

Congratulations,Social Media Sunday participants! The hashtags you used aggregated approximately 10 million Episcopal impressions churchwide! Wow—imagine if we all did this every Sunday.

There were lots of creative initiatives in our parishes. Some of you went live on Facebook with your sermons or music. A couple of parishes made videos previewing their worship or providing a mini-tour of their church. Many others posted photos of people and activities on Sunday morning via various social media platforms. Lots of you checked in on Facebook from your church. Some parishes even encouraged congregants to stop and do that during announcement time.

Whatever you did, I hope it was a fun experiment and that you will continue to explore and try new social media tools in the days and weeks to come. Is Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram,or maybe even Snapchat something that could help your parish reach newcomers or share something new about your ministry?

Whatever you ended up trying or decide to try in the future, here’s hoping you’ll share with the rest of what happened and keep experimenting!


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