Could we all use a little lift to start our week? Well, here it is. Ten years ago, indydio came together to go out on faith and raise around 100 K in cash and in-kind donations and labor to completely build and furnish a home for Hurricane Katrina survivor Natasha Porter and her three daughters in Pass Christian. Mississippi. They had lost absolutely everything and were living in a FEMA trailer on borrowed time, being pressured by FEMA to vacate with nowhere to go.

Many of you got to know this family while you worked on the home’s construction. Today, Natasha still lives in the beautiful home we built and is still working at the local hospital (and at another part-time laboratory job) while preparing to graduate with her Bachelor’s degree in business this spring. Her girls have grown up.

The eldest, Nydia, completed her degree in Early Childhood Education and is a teacher for Headstart. She has a beautiful son (Natasha’s first grandson!), Aidyn.

The middle daughter, Nykia, completed her Bachelor of Biological Science degree and is now in her second year of medical school, studying to be a Neurologist.

Her youngest, N’Jae, is a senior in high school this year with an interest in pursuing a degree in business management.

Natasha is convinced that her experience with indydio was a “God thing” and wants us all to know that she and her family continue to be thankful to this day. We prayerfully and positively changed their lives and now all of them are working to positively change the lives of others.

Thanks be to God!

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