Alleluia, The New School in Mithon Haiti Has Been Built!

10559698_10153288584949298_3941301980604252271_n.jpgOn July 22nd, ten members of the Diocese of Indianapolis (including three Trinity, Bloomington members: Ruth Witten, Randy Keko and Matthew Cole) traveled to Haiti to participate in the dedication of the new school in Mithon, Haiti. This school was built with funds provided by the Diocese of Indianapolis.

The dedication took place on Wednesday, July 23rd. Traveling to Mithon is a challenge. It is a three hour drive from Port au Prince and the last five miles take over an hour to navigate because there is no road. You travel along river beds and narrow paths the climb over the mountains. But the grueling trip is more than worth the effort. The new school is as beautiful and glorious as the people of Mithon! The buildings offer nine classrooms, rest rooms, offices, a kitchen and a dining hall. In addition, a new well was installed which offers, for the first time in history, fresh and clean running water to the students and residents of Mithon.

“On our third morning in Haiti, we woke again to no electricity in our rooms, which means no fans to keep us cool. And we woke to no running water. But we didn’t travel to Haiti to experience comfort. We came to be with our brothers and sisters here who would consider our accommodations grand, even without running water and electricity. Most people here don’t have either. So maybe this is God’s way of bringing us closer to those around us. We will spend the day visiting local churches and schools with Pere Michelin as our guide. This is our last full day in Haiti and I will be sad to leave tomorrow.”  Posted by a traveler during the trip on the Diocese of Indianapolis in Haiti Facebook page.
Bishop Duracin, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, presided over the dedication alongside our Bishop, Bishop Cate. Two people from Church of the Holy Family in Fishers, Indiana, also participated in the service: Rev. Cathy Scott, Deacon, read the Gospel and Jacob Forman, the first youth from our diocese to travel to Haiti, was an acolyte.

Over 400 students, parents and residents of Mithon were in attendance for this dedication service. The Dean of the Cathedral of Haiti said that this new school building, located in an incredibly rural area of Haiti, was a hallmark of construction for the entire Diocese of Haiti. And that it would make Mithon a center for education, faith and community gatherings.

On our second full day in Haiti, we traveled to Port au Prince to spend time at the remains of the Episcopal Cathedral and Cathedral School, which collapsed during the earthquake, killing so many young students. On our final day we visited Episcopal schools and churches in the rural area of Leogane and Darbonne, the area where we were staying during our trip.

It was almost exactly three years ago that we first met with the clergy of St. Andre Church and School. They had just lost all their buildings in the earthquake. They asked if we could help them bring life back to the community of Mithon by building a school for the children. And with God’s grace, we were able to do just that. School registration for St. Andre for the 2014-2015 school year is underway and they are anticipating the number of student to double this year. Thanks be to God!