Statue of justiceYour Executive Council has entered into an agreement with the legal firm of Plews, Shadely, Racher & Braun LLP, to assist member parishes or ministries with introductory consultations regarding legal needs.

These consultations will be limited to thirty minutes and will be charged against a Diocesan retainer that was added to our budget for 2016.


1. Congregations or ministries seeking the advice of an attorney will need to be referred by the Diocesan Office.

You will start by contacting either:

2. The name of the requesting leader and their contact information will then be emailed to both that leader and George Plews, Diocesan Chancellor, with a brief description of the issue. Then George or one of his colleagues will contact you.

3. If the local ministry needs more than an initial consultation, the firm may represent the local ministry on terms separate from this Agreement.

POSSIBLE SUBJECTS FOR A CONSULT: (Not an exclusive list, just suggestions):

1. Personnel
2. Property
3. Tax issues
4. Lease or rental/facility use
5. Rectory
6. State requirements
7. Contracts
8. Insurance and insurance claims


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