Call for Nominations

Open Positions

The following three-year positions are now open for nominations. Please consider completing a nomination form for yourself or ask someone you believe would be a good candidate for serving your church.

You can download the form from DropBox using the link at the bottom of the page or use the online form below. Click here to go directly to them.


STANDING COMMITTEE – 1 CLERGY & 1 LAY (both are three-year terms)

The Standing Committee has responsibilities outlined by our national Canons. The committee is a council of advice for the bishop, and provides consent for the sale of land, the encumbrance of church property, the ordination of persons to the diaconate or priesthood in this diocese, and the election and consecration of bishops in the Episcopal Church. It also makes determinations regarding the discipline of clergy in this diocese. They meet once a month if there is business to conduct.

COMMISSION ON MINISTRY – 1 CLERGY & 1 LAY (both are three-year terms)

The Commission on Ministry assists the bishop in determining the present and future needs for all ministries in the diocese. It assists the bishop in matters pertaining to the enlistment and selection of persons for Holy Orders and in the guidance of all postulants and candidates. The Commission meets on a Saturday in the fall, an overnight in January, an overnight in the spring, and at other times as necessary.

DISCIPLINARY BOARD – 1 CLERGY & 1 LAY (both are three-year terms)

The board meets once a year or unless activated. The annual meeting is for the election of positions and for training, so if called upon, will be ready for action. The time commitment could be considerable if the court is activated.

WAYCROSS BOARD – 4 CLERGY or LAY (Three positions are for three years; one position is for two years)

The board provides oversight for the mission of Waycross, which is: “To serve all who seek fellowship, respite, reflection, and growth by providing Christian hospitality and enriching programs.” The board meets at least four times a year at Waycross for 6 to 8 hours. Members have other duties as well, including involvement in development.


Members are appointed by each deanery at the fall deanery meetings.

  • Southeast Deanery, one clergy for a three-year term
  • Midcentral Deanery, one lay for a three-year term
  • Northcentral Deanery, one clergy for a three-year term
  • Northeast Deanery, one clergy for a three-year term

The Executive Council carries out the mandates of Diocesan Convention and has responsibility for the administrative and programmatic life of the diocese in partnership with the Bishop. Their role includes setting budget priorities, and encouragement and support of program and resources for mission and ministry. They meet at least three or four times per year as a whole and may do some of their work by email and on a list serve and as subcommittees when needed.


Nomination Form on DropBox

Online Form

More Convention Information

CALL TO CONVENTION, JUNE 2017  Pursuant to Article IV Section 2 of the Constitution of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, notice is hereby given that the 180th annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis will be held at Kye's Event Center, 500 Missouri Ave., Jeffersonville, IN 47130, on October 26 ...
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This is the final schedule for Convention.  ...
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WELCOME TO SOUTHERN INDIANA! GPS ADDRESSES AND BASIC VENUE INFO FOR GETTING AROUND THE 180TH CONVENTION OF THE EPISCOPAL DIOCESE OF INDIANAPOLIS Note: A booklet with tourism information and additional map helps related to this community is available in the convention registration area and at the host hotels. HOTELS AND ...
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Q: Do I need to register to attend convention? A: No. By virtue of your name already being submitted from your parish as a delegate, you are already registered. Simply proceed to reserving accommodations and meal options. If you are not a delegate and plan to attend, you also don't ...
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Information on the two facilities that are the "official" hotels for Diocesan Convention ...
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All of our communities are struggling with the opioid crisis these days and our parishes and leaders are often on the front line. During Friday mission project time, we urge one or more persons from your parish to join us for a critical time of basic information, discussion, and ...
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Diocesan Convention participants will be gathering and leading friends, families, and organizations from throughout the southern Indiana community to pray and ring bells in remembrance of those who have died of opioid abuse in the midst of this ever-growing crisis. Help us call major attention to this epidemic, offer all-in ...
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When Diocesan Convention meets in Jeffersonville and New Albany in October, winter preparations for that community's homeless population will be in high gear. Please help us prepare and deliver Hygiene Kits for the homeless served by Exit 0, Haven House, and the Coalition for the Homeless ...
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Your exciting opportunity to go out on the Ohio River in a small boat, board a towboat barge, and make a real-life pastoral visit to river workers served by Ministry on the River ...
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We have received these Nominations to be voted upon at the Diocesan Convention in October.  ...
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We have received these Reports to the Diocesan Convention in October.  ...
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Join Us at Diocesan Convention! All youth in grades 6-12 are invited to be a part of the youth presence at Diocesan Convention, October 26-28, 2017. This year's Convention will take place in Jeffersonville and New Albany. Youth participation in Convention includes: exploring the exhibit hall, sitting in on business ...
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Thursday, October 26, Open 3 p.m.-7 p.m. Everyone welcome (even if you're not a delegate, we want to see you!) as we enjoy some food and fun, meet new people, and renew friendships! Join us at the rustic Endris Lodge at Clarksville's Lapping Park, halfway between Jeffersonville and Clarksville. RSVP ...
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There will be three Congregational Vitality Workshops available at this year's diocesan convention from 3:30-4:30 p.m. Friday afternoon at Kye's. Attendees are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to explore new ways to vitalize your parish and ministry. Registration for the workshops is required. ...
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A proposal to change the number of persons elected to Diocesan Commission on Ministry (COM) each year has been submitted.  ...
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The attached document has been submitted as a proposed amendment to the current diocesan constitution. It more clearly defines what constitute a quorum of clergy in the election of a new Bishop, a Bishop Coadjutor, or a Suffragan Bishop ...
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Combining Diocesan Convention with a Mini-Vacation in southern Indiana---Some Fun Possibilities Welcome to "my" southern Indiana! It sometimes amazes me, as I travel around the diocese, just how few people have been to the southcentral part of the Hoosier state. With Diocesan Convention in Jeffersonville and New Albany this year, ...
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