Waycross Camp & Conference Center

Conveniently situated in scenic and rural Brown County, (an hour south of Indianapolis), Waycross is a haven of supportive meeting, conference, and social facilities; wholesome meals; rewarding recreational activities; and restorative rest.

The setting, nestled among the gentle hills and flowing creek enables learning, planning, relaxing, recreating, worshiping, building fellowship and strong alliances within a supportive and tranquil setting.

Waycross is a year round center, hosting residential & day conferences, meetings, and events for both adults and youth with unique facilities. Additionally for the past 50 years, it has offered a traditional residential Christian based summer camp.

It is a place set apart, where one can find physical and spiritual refreshment and renewal in a setting of Christian hospitality and service.

Waycross Executive Committee

The Rt. Rev. Catherine Waynick, Chair
The Rev. Canon Bruce Gray, Diocesan Staff Liaison
Denyse Palmer, President
Marcia Taylor, Secretary
Natalie Weir, Treasurer
Kyle Dahncke, Vice President
Caressa Vail Rezsonya, Vice President

Waycross Board of Directors

Erica Jeglum
Ann Niednagel
The Rev. Timothy J. Hallett
DeAnna Murphy
Ellen Blackburn
The Rev. Dr. Richard Godbold
Anne Royalty
The Rev. Henny Grossoehme
Candace Glass

Waycross Staff

Van Beers, Executive Director

Mother’s Day Lunch at Waycross

Mother’s Day Lunch at Waycross

Mother’s Day lunch is a long-standing Waycross tradition. For years, we have invited families to come together and enjoy a
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Diocesan Executive Council Jump Starts the Waycross Waynick Center for Youth Formation and Camping

Diocesan Executive Council Jump Starts the Waycross Waynick Center for Youth Formation and Camping

Diocesan Executive Council voted at its March meeting to provide $30,000 in matching funds to jump-start construction at Waycross on
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A Waycross Camp Wish List

A Waycross Camp Wish List

Summer is coming and camp season at Waycross will soon be upon us. Victoria Hoppes, Waycross Program Director and Diocesan Coordinator of
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Make Plans for 2017 at Waycross

Waycross has just released the summer camp schedule for 2017.  Go to www.waycrosscenter.org/sessions for dates and details. Registration begins in January.
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Waycross Summer Camp

We balance long standing Waycross Camp traditions with new and interactive activities each session.  All of Waycross' camp programs include
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