Executive Council

The Executive Council, whose members, selection, and duties are established and governed by Canon 9 of the diocesan Canons, is a group of leaders, appointed by deaneries or the Bishop. It provides comprehensive direction and insight in the areas of budget and finance, exploration and opportunity, mission, and other matters relating to diocesan-wide ministry.

Contact them if you have general questions or concerns about diocesan policies, as well as any ideas you would like to share.


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Kristina Baker
St. John’s, Bedford

The Rev. Peter Bunder
Good Shepherd, West Lafayette

Dr. Laurel Cornell
Trinity, Bloomington

Caroline Fairbanks
St. Paul’s, Evansville

The Rev. Michael Galvin
Holy Family, Fishers

Coral Hamlin
St.  David’s, Bean Blossom

Steve Holt
St. Michael’s, Noblesville

William Hughes
St. Stephen’s, Terre Haute

The Rev. Frank Impicciche
St. Mary’s, Martinsville

Max Nottingham
Grace Church, Muncie

The Rev. Whitney Rice
St.  Luke’s, Shelbyville and St. Thomas, Franklin

The Rev. Allen Rutherford
St. John’s, Mt. Vernon

Sean Sullivan
St.  Philip’s, Indianapolis

The Right Rev. Catherine Waynick

The Rev. Evelyn Wheeler
Christ Church, Madison

The Rev. Suzanne Wille
All Saints, Indianapolis

The listserve address to reach all Executive Council members is executivecouncil@indydio.org


Executive Council

Section 1.

There shall be an Executive Council of the Diocese to be known as the Bishop and Diocesan Executive Council. The Diocesan Executive Council shall be composed of:

(a). The Bishop who shall be president, the Bishop Coadjutor, if there be one, who shall be a vice-president, and the Suffragan Bishops, if there be any, who shall be vice presidents in order of their consecrations.

(b) Each Deanery Council shall elect one lay person, who shall be a confirmed adult communicant in good standing of a Parish or Organized Mission in the particular Deanery, and one member of the clergy, who shall be canonically resident in the particular Deanery, to serve three year terms on the Executive Council. No person, after the completion of two successive terms, shall be eligible for election to such office until one year following the termination of a second successive term. Any vacancy may be filled for the balance of the term at a regular or special meeting of the Deanery Council called for that purpose.

(c) Not more than seven members at large, one of whom shall be a youth representative, to be chosen annually by the Bishop with the concurrence of the Diocesan Executive Council. Any vacancy in this category may be filled for the unexpired balance of the term by the Bishop with the concurrence of the Diocesan Executive Council.

(d) The Treasurer of the Diocese and the Chancellor of the Diocese, ex-officio.

(e) The Canons shall be ex-officio members with voice but without vote.

Section 2.

(a) The Bishop and Diocesan Executive Council shall coordinate and periodically evaluate the work and composition of the Deaneries, shall have power to expend and allocate funds within the limits of such budget as may have been adopted by the Diocesan Convention, may initiate and establish Diocesan programs and administrative policies and, in general, may exercise the full power and authority of the Diocese between sessions of the Diocesan Convention except in relation to amendments to the Constitution and Canons, the adoption of the budget, the admission of new parishes, or such other matters as may be reserved by Constitution or Canon to the Diocesan Convention, or the Bishop, or the Standing Committee, or when any such action would be inconsistent with any action or directives of the Diocesan Convention.

Section 3.

The Bishop and Diocesan Executive Council shall have the power to adopt such bylaws, Rules, and Regulations as may be necessary for its own government, subject to the provisions of the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Indianapolis. The Council shall hold stated meetings, and shall make and preserve a full record of all its acts. Special meetings of the Council may be held upon call of the President and shall be called by the President upon the written request of any five members thereof upon five days’ written notice, which shall state the purpose of such meeting, except that during the sessions of the Convention a special meeting may be called at any time by the President and shall be called upon the written request of any five members, but such special meeting held during the Convention shall be legal only if a majority of the Council are present.

Section 4.

The Bishop and Diocesan Executive Council shall constitute a Finance Committee and may constitute from time to time such other permanent and ad-hoc committees as they deem advisable, and may appoint persons not members of the Council to serve on such committees, or to perform such other services as may be required. No person shall serve as chair of a permanent Committee unless that person be a member of the Diocesan Executive Council. There shall be appointed to each ad-hoc committee at least one member of the Diocesan Executive Council. The chair of such ad-hoc committee need not be a member of the Diocesan Executive Council.

Section 5.

The Bishop and Diocesan Executive Council shall submit to each Annual Diocesan Convention a report of the work done under its supervision for the preceding calendar year. The report shall also contain an itemized statement of all receipts and disbursements a statement of all trust funds, of property in its possession or under its control, and a detailed statement of the salaries, if any, paid to each of its officers. This report shall be printed and sent to all the members of the Diocesan Convention not later than one week prior to the annual meeting of the Convention.

Section 6.

The Bishop and Diocesan Executive Council may elect an Assistant Treasurer who shall perform such duties as may be requested of him by the Treasurer or the Bishop and Diocesan Executive Council.

Section 7.

The Bishop and Diocesan Executive Council may from time to time appoint such administrative assistants with particular talents or for specific purposes as they may deem necessary within the limits of the Budget of the Diocesan Convention.

Section 8.

The Bishop and Diocesan Executive Council shall establish standards and procedures for annually evaluating The Bishop, administrative personnel and members of the Bishop’s staff.

Section 9

The 170th Convention shall elect to the Executive Council from the Northeast Deanery a layperson to serve two years and a member of the clergy to serve three years, and from the Northwest Deanery a lay person to serve three years and a member of the clergy to serve two years, and from the Southeast Deanery a lay person to serve two years and a member of the clergy to serve one year, and from the Southwest Deanery a lay person to serve three years and a member of the clergy to serve two years, and from the North Central Deanery a lay person to serve two years and a member of the clergy to serve one year, and from the Mid Central Deanery a layperson to serve one year and a member of the clergy to serve three years, and from the South Central Deanery a layperson to serve three years and a member of the clergy to serve one year. Subsequent Conventions of the Diocese shall ratify the laypersons and members of the clergy elected to the Executive Council by the several Deaneries.

Section 10 

This Canon shall take effect immediately upon adoption.

Executive Council Meetings

All Executive Council Meetings will start at 10 am and will finish no later than 3:30 pm except for the *Overnight Planning Session”. It will start with dinner at Waycross on Friday night and will end no later than 3:30 pm on Saturday.

2016 Meeting Schedule
Meeting place to be determined

  • January 16, 2016
  • March 19, 2016
  • June 18, 2016
  • September 17, 2016
  • November 4-5, 2016
2017 Meeting Schedule
Meeting place to be determined

  • January 14, 2017
  • March 18, 2017
  • June 17, 2017
  • September 16, 2017
  • November 3-4, 2017