Listening Sessions

Ten listening sessions will be held across the diocese before Diocesan Convention and you’re invited to participate. Bishop Jennifer seeks to hear from as many people as possible about their hopes, dreams, and the challenges they see for our diocese.

Laity are invited to attend one of the sessions closest to them and other groupings for diocesan lay leaders, priests, deacons, spouse/partners, and youth have specific dates just for each group. Bishop Jennifer has been working with the Executive Council and Ms. Susan Czolgosz of Holy Cow! Consulting to develop the sessions with the following purpose:

  • Provide opportunity to deepen relationship between Bishop Jennifer and members from around the diocese
  • Dialogue about diocesan strengths and challenges as described in the diocesan profile
  • Further define what members of the diocese need from their Bishop and the Bishop’s staff

Each session will include prayer, a meal, and ample time for you to share your thoughts. A full report of the sessions will be given to the diocese including a presentation with table discussions at Diocesan Convention in October.

Sessions Schedule

Session Date Day Starting Time           Host
Lay NE Region June 10, 2017 Saturday 1 p.m. EDST Trinity, Anderson
Lay NW Region June 18, 2017 Sunday 2 p.m. EDST St. John’s, Lafayette
Lay SW Region June 25, 2017 Sunday 1 p.m. CDST St. Paul’s, Evansville
Lay N. Central, S. Central, & MidCentral Regions Sept. 7, 2017 Thursday 6 p.m. EDST Trinity, Indianapolis
Lay SE Region Oct. 15, 2017 Sunday 1 p.m. EDST St. Paul’s, New Albany
Clergy Spouses August 27, 2017 Sunday 1 p.m. EDST St. Paul’s Columbus
Lay Leadership Sept. 9, 2017 Saturday 10 a.m. EDST Waycross
Youth Sept. 9, 2017 Saturday 1:30 p.m. EDST Waycross
Priests Sept, 13, 2017 Wednesday 10 a.m. EDST InterChurch Ctr, Indianapolis
Deacons Oct. 7, 2017 Saturday 9 a.m. EDST Waycross

Click here to register for any of the sessions. Registration for the individual sessions is also available on their corresponding day on the Diocesan Calendar.