Global Missions Commission: 2016 Report


Bishop Catherine Waynick appointed The Rev. Jeffrey L. Bower to chair The Global Missions Commission for the Diocese of Indianapolis in late November 2015. He participated in the Global Episcopal Missions Network Conference in May, in Ponce, Puerto Rico and began a two-year certification program to become an Agent for Global Missions for the Episcopal Church. The Global Missions Commission began its work in January of 2016, after a prolonged period of dormancy, and has met regularly over the last several months.

South Sudan: We learned early in the year of the decision from the Diocese of Bor to end their partnering relationship with the Diocese of Indianapolis. A reserve of funds was left in the Diocese of Bor account from 2015 and was transferred to the general fund of the Global Missions Commission.

The Diocese of Brasilia: The Global Missions Commission facilitated a trip to the Diocese of Brasilia in July of this year, the first in several years. Bishop Catherine Waynick and four clergy (The Rev. Jeffrey L. Bower; The Rev. Dr. Bradley Pace; The Rev. Sarah Ginolfi and The Reverend Jim Stanton) visited the Diocese of Brasilia from July 3rd-July 9th. The purpose was to learn of the important work being done in the Diocese of Brasilia and to understand more fully how the Diocese of Indianapolis might continue to partner in this work.

To support the social agencies begun in the Diocese of Brasilia, school supplies were purchased prior to the trip and taken as gift offerings. The Global Missions Commission sponsored a matching gift challenge to the diocesan household, of up to $5000. Through the generosity of individuals and parishes, and a $600 gift from the Daily Office, the cohort presented the Diocese of Brasilia with unrestricted gifts totaling $13,000. The Global Missions Commission is happy to also sponsor Bishop Mauricio Andrade, his wife Sandra and other lay leaders as they join us at the 2016 diocesan convention.

Lunches and Lessons: Lunches and Lessons is a program that exists at a school that was built from the Haiti Fund of the Diocese of Indianapolis, in Mithon, Haiti. This program was begun in 2012, as a global initiative of Trinity, Bloomington. There are currently 256 children who benefit from this program each year, at a cost of $26,000 per year. As a global mission initiative, it is the desire of the commission to continue to support this viable and important program, looking at ways to be of aide and to promote its sustainability. Currently, a contribution of $99 per child per year funds this program. Contributions can be made to Trinity, Bloomington or to the Diocese of Indianapolis to support this program.

The Haiti Fund: The initial fund of $500,000 was set aside from the unrestricted funds (Diocesan Convention 2011) for use in rebuilding Haiti over a five-year period that ends on December 31,2016. To date, $380,000 has been used to build a school in Mithon that currently houses the Lunches and Lessons program, above. During the time that the school was being built there was a growing lack of confidence with the Diocese of Haiti concerning the administration of financial resources. As a result, the reserve of $120,000 has been held in an account until the situation in Haiti is resolved. Recognizing that the maturation date on The Haiti Fund is December 31, 2016, the Global Missions Commission has a resolution before the household asking for an additional three years for the use of these funds in Haiti.

Members of the Global Missions Commission: The Rev. Jeffrey L. Bower; Marilyn Day; Randy Keko; Bryan Luce; George Moore; The Rev. Bradley Pace; The Rev. Sarah Ginolfi; The Rev. Jim Stanton; Patricia Griffin; Steven Whaley; Betty Whaley; Kathy Copas.

Download Report: 2016 Global Missions Commisson Report