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By The Rev. Grace Burton Edwards, Chair, Global Missions Commission

The Diocese of Indianapolis shares in a three-way covenant relationship with the Diocese of Brasilia in Brazil and the Diocese of Bor in South Sudan.  We also participate in the Haiti Partnership program and help support St. Andre’s parish and school in Mithon, Haiti. 

You are invited to participate in the coming meetings of the Global Missions Commission and its mission activities.  Contact Marylin Day if you are interested in attending at mikeandmarylin(at)

Diocese of Brasilia

Many celebrations in the Diocese of Brasilia

2013 is a year of many celebrations for Bishop Mauricio Andrade and the Diocese of Brasilia. He celebrated the 25th anniversary of  his ordination as a deacon on January 6, 2013. The Rev.  Drew Klatte (pictured here with Bishop Andrade) from Christ Church Cathedral in Indianapolis represented our diocese and gave the sermon at the celebration.

One of the mission priorities for the Diocese of Brasilia is support for human rights. To that end, Bishop Mauricio supported the development of a committee launched by the Secretariat on Human Rights (SDH) of the President of Brazil. The initiative aims to promote the right to free exercise of religion and assist in development of policies affirming religious freedom, respect for diversity of religion and the option of having no religion.

The altar party at the altar. 
Group shot of the altar party after the service—Josias Alves Conserva, Tati Ribeiro, Guilherme E  Ivonete Luz, Romi Márcia Bencke, DioceseAnglicana de Brasília, Andrew Klatte, Denilson Olivato, Rvda Lúcia Borges and Magda Guedes Pereira.) 

Ash Wednesday 2013 

In his homily on Ash Wednesday, Bishop Andrade highlighted the need during Lent to look not only on what we will avoid but especially on what we will offer to God. He encouraged the practice of fasting sharing (Isaiah 58.6-7). In addition, Bishop Francisco Silva also celebrated Ash Wednesday with the Diocese of Brasilia. Bishop Francisco was formerly Diocesan Secretary in Brasilia, and became Bishop of the Diocese of Rio Grande de Sul in southwest Brazil, where a tragic fire at a night club in Santa Maria took the lives of many. Bishop Francisco challenged his friends in Brasilia that, "celebrating the beginning of Lent together means experiencing our common vocation to be sons and daughters of God who are called to be salt and light of the world. We must flee a spiritual facade and embrace all the implications of God's Kingdom. This Lent that we can renew our conviction that God is with us to forgive, heal, comfort and strengthen us. "

Another Visitor to Brasilia

A friend of the Diocese of Indianapolis, Tatiana Day, is visiting the Diocese of Brasilia this spring.  Tatiana is the daughter of Mike and Marylin Day of St. David’s, Bean Blossom.  She visited Brasilia in 2010 for the 50th anniversary of the founding of the first Eucharist in Brasilia and the 25th anniversary of the founding of the diocese. She has expertise in development and extensive travel experience. She plans to visit the ministries we support and gather pictures and stories about the people of the Diocese of Brasilia. Stay tuned for information from her visit.

Diocese of Bor

Christ Church Cathedral Provides Wells for the Diocese of Bor

Our friends in the Diocese of Bor are living through a time of intense transition.  Two decades of civil war in the region destroyed much of the local infrastructure. An estimated 50-90% of the population was displaced by the war. Now the population is returning. The population of Bor County, where the Diocese of Bor is located, was estimated at 320,000 in 2012. An additional 100,000 persons are expected to return in the near future.

A critical human need in this region is access to safe drinking water. Many wells were destroyed in the war, and as people return greater numbers of people are using the remaining sources of clean water. In late 2012, the Diocese of Bor sent a grant to the Diocese of Indianapolis requesting funds to drill three wells in the diocese. We are delighted to report that Christ Church Cathedral agreed to support this grant with gifts in 2012 and 2013 totaling $41,600.

The wells will be located at the following places: 

  • St.  Andrews Cathedral complex in Bor Town to provide water for children at St. Andrew’s school, for women who use the Mothers’ Union’s resource center, and for those who would services at St. Andrews. They estimate that 1000 people per day will use this well.

  • Malek Bible School at Malek. Currently, the few functioning wells in this region are several kilometers away. Refugees are expected to return to this region, increasing the need for clean water.

  • Ping-ping Secondary School in Bor Town, which will provide water for students at the school and neighbors in the community.  

Thanks to Christ Church Cathedral for their generous support of our partners in the Diocese of Bor.

Prayer Books

Our diocese also sent $5,000 in 2012 to purchase prayer books in the Dinka language. We had collected money for this project for several years but did not have a reliable way to get the books printed.  Thanks to connections that were made when guests from Bor visited for General Convention, we were able to place an order for Dinka prayer books to be printed in Nairobi. These were printed and sent in late 2012.

Additional Funds Needed for 2013 

The Diocese of Bor will also need additional funds for ongoing operations of the diocese in 2013, including support for their diocesan assistant, internet service, additional prayer books, and more.  Individuals or congregations wishing to make gifts to any of our partners may send these gifts to the diocesan office.


Diocese of Haiti

St. Andre’s School in Mithon, Haiti

St. Andre’s school, sponsored by St. Andre’s parish in Mithon, has about 130 students enrolled for the 2012-13 school year with seven teachers leading them. Thanks to the Lunches and Lessons program coordinated by Trinity Bloomington, individuals and parishes in the Diocese of Indianapolis agreed to give $140 per years for three years to provide salaries for teachers and healthy lunches for the students at the school. If you have not sent in your contribution for 2013, please mail it to

Trinity Episcopal Church
PO Box 336
Bloomington, IN 47402.


A small team from the Diocese of Indianapolis visited Mithon in late 2012, and a group from Trinity Bloomington will visit in March 2013. We had hoped to offer an additional visit to Mithon in March 2013, but that trip had to be cancelled.  Fortunately, we just learned that Father Jean Michelin Saint-Louis and his wife will visit our diocese in June 2013. We hope many in our diocese will have the opportunity to meet him when he visits.

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