The Diocese of Haiti

When Haiti was devastated by earthquake damage on January 12. 2010, we developed a special partner relationship to assist them in rebuilding their churches and schools. 




  • Pray for the Episcopal Church in Haiti as it seeks to rebuild key resources: schools and worship facilities. 
  • Pray for St. Andre’s in Mithon, our partner parish and school, as Christ Church Cathedral and our diocese discover how to support this congregation in its work.
  • Pray for the people, clergy, and Bishop Waynick in Indianapolis, Bishop Duracin and the clergy and people in Haiti that we may learn more about one another, deepen friendships and listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to each of us. 


The Diocese of Haiti is the largest and fastest-growing diocese of the Episcopal Church, with over 83,000 members, 115 congregations and communities of faith, and approximately 140 Episcopal schools. According to Bishop Duracin, the January 2010 earthquake destoyed 80% of diocesan infrastructure. Christ Church Cathedral, working with the Diocese of Indianapolis, has initiated a rebuilding partnership with St. Andre’s church and school in Miton. More information about relief and development efforts in Haiti is available at

The Global Missions Commission of the Diocese of Indianapolis facilitates these partnerships in the global three-way relationship between Bor, Indianapolis and Brasilia and organizes and raises funds for partnership travel between the churches in Sudan and Brazil. More information about our global mission partnerships is available at our diocesan website,


Rebuilding the church is a priority of the Episcopal Church for Haiti, a diocese of The Episcopal Church, USA.

  • Urge your congregations to support – with prayer, knowledge and giving – the work of the church in Haiti. 
  • Urge political leaders in the United States and the United Nations to support rebuilding efforts in Haiti.


Congregations and individuals are encouraged to support our mission partners financially. To give, you may write a check to the Diocese of Indianapolis for  Miton in Haiti. Contributions may be sent to the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis at 1100 W. 42d St., Indianapolis IN 46208. Your donations will be sent directly to our partner churches to support these programs. The Global Mission Commission of our diocese has expertise and experience to help you develop fundraising and education programs.

St. Andre's School in Mithon

Students at St. Andre’s in Mithon will soon attend school in a new school building, thanks to support from the Diocese of Indianapolis. In March 2013, the Executive Council of the Diocese of Indianapolis voted to use up to $340,000 of our $500,000 pledge to Haiti to build a school for the residents of Mithon. The school currently has 130 students in preschool through 6th grade. The new building is being built to withstand earthquake and heavy winds. 

The school currently meets in a transitional school structure built with funds from the Diocese of Indianapolis in 2012. Once the new school is built, the community will continue to use the original building as a church and community gathering space. $21,500 of our $500,000 pledge to Haiti was used for this purpose. 

A New School

The current school bulding in Mithon.

Laying the Foundation Stone

Bishop Duracin, the Dean of the Cathedral, and the Rev. Michelin from the Diocese of Haiti led a large crowd in a service of thanksgiving as they laid the first stone in the construction of the new Mithon school. 

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October 2013 Update

Construction proceeds on the school. The foundations have been poured and work on the walls has begun.


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November 2013 Update

Construction continues on the school for St. Andre’s, Mithon, funded by part of our diocesan pledge to Haiti. 

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January 2014 Update

The second floor has begun to rise as construction continues on the school.


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February 2014 Update

April 2014

Finishing Touches Made to Mithon School in Haiti
Thanks to your prayers and gifts Mithon School in Haiti is nearing completion, with only a few finishing touches remaining!
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Haiti January 2014

Haiti — Four Years after the Quake

January 12, 2014 marked the fourth anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti.

The Episcopal News Service has published two reports on the progress and plans of the rebuilding and the how the denomination is still responding to the crisis there.

Episcopal Relief & Development has also published a report on its current work in Haiti.

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