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"A man there was, though some did count him mad, the more he cast away, the more he had." John Runyan from The Pilgram's Progress

Diocesan Staff Contact: John Oaks

The Society of the Magi

 Society of the MagiTHE SOCIETY OF THE MAGI

The Society of The Magi was created by the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis as an umbrella legacy society to promote and support the faithful stewardship of God's gifts and resources.   All who have named their church (or other Episcopal institution) as a beneficiary in their estate plans  belong to the legacy society of the beneficiary church or institution first and The Society of The Magi second.   All who have made such provisions are invited to join the Society by notifying us of the gift, regardless of the size.

Help us identify those who have already made such provisions in their estates. May we come and talk with your congregation about planned gifts?

John Oaks is your contact.  Phone: 317-926-5454, ext 7; 800-669-5786, ext. 7; Fax 317-926-5456 or oaks(at)

The fruits of a planned gift go to the beneficiary church or institution.  No funds go to the diocese unless the diocese is a named beneficiary.

For the current membership list, please click here.

Annual Giving

God the Giver: 2015 Stewardship Narrative Series

Again this year, thanks to the diocese being a member of The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS), there is a “turnkey” financial pledge campaign ready for use in each of our churches this fall.  It includes newsletter and bulletin inserts, discussion questions and everything else you need for your annual campaign team to be successful.  

Contact John Oaks, oaks(at) or 317-926-5454 / 800-669-5786 for the password.   The link to the 2015 Stewardship Narrative Series:

2014 Report

Stewardship 2014

Our vision:  That all of God’s people will have grateful and generous hearts. 

Our mission:  Through modeling, teaching, and providing practical assistance, to encourage the people of our diocese to have grateful and generous hearts.

In pursuit of our vision and mission we…

  • …in coordination with The Episcopal Church Foundation, continued the planned giving initiative, “Planned Giving in a Box” as it changed into “Planned Giving on Demand”.
  • …provided the TENS “Walking the Way” conference to the diocese by webcast.
  • …made provisions for financial stewardship materials for each congregation.
  • …worked with individual congregations on annual financial stewardship campaigns.
  • …kept stewardship information on the web page up to date with information including The Society of The Magi, services available, and links to stewardship issues.
  • …provided stewardship assistance to Diocese of Indianapolis congregations.
  • …provided workshops on Planned Giving, Capital Campaigns and Annual Campaigns.
  • …offered webinars on Planned Giving
  • …participated in the Planned Giving Group of Indiana programs

The Society of the Magi, the diocesan planned giving program, is open to all who have named an Episcopal congregation, ministry or program in their estate plans. The size of the gift is not an issue. Those who have made such provisions are invited to join the Society by notifying John Vernon Oaks of the gift at: 800-669-5786 or 317-926-5454 ext. 7, or oaks(at)

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