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Reaching Out to Your Community

Some Steps to Follow to Effective Communication and Evangelism Planning

In preparation for developing a plan to reach out to your community with the goals of improving communication visibility and enhancing evangelism, examine the following steps:

1. HONE your message. Do you have a current, valid, clear mission statement? Do members of your parish know what it is and embrace it? The key: what is it you REALLY want your audiences to know about your church? Also, examine what sets you apart as a parish. What makes you unique in your community? (Maybe it is even something as simple as you are the only Episcopal Church within 30 miles!)

2. LIST some goals and objectives around what you hope to accomplish via a plan for each audience. Be as specific as possible. Example: Day Care Mothers---To begin and promote a weekly support group night for mothers and their children, with the goal of increasing family attendance at our Sunday Eucharist.

3. ASSESS the tools you already have in place to help you with your communication and evangelism needs and how those tools can be employed around each of the goals/objectives you have named. Example: We have a column in the day care center’s newspaper. We have a group of three women who have volunteered to help us.

4. CONSIDER what new tools you might need and how to make them happen. Who can you call upon in your parish and what help do you need to seek from other sources?

All of the preliminary assessment is very helpful as we seek to develop a solid two to three-year communication and evangelism plan for your church.

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