Evangelism Role Playing

Here are some role-playing exercises you may want to try during adult school church or at an evangelism or vestry meeting. Have fun and take some time to discuss how we all talk about our church can help us or hinder us as we seek to grow.

Scenario One:

Getting Past Your Own Negativity

You are at WalMart purchasing items for coffee hour. You’re aggravated because someone bailed out at the last minute and you feel you got “stuck” doing it. You run into a friend whose kids play with your kids. Your goal with this skit is to be as negative as possible! Perform it really over the top! 
Some ideas:
1. You complain about having to do coffee hour AGAIN. The church is too small and people just don’t do their share and no wonder more people don’t want to join. 
2. Your kids have trouble getting out of bed to go to church---maybe church it is too boring.
3. There aren’t many kids there at the church, anyway. Most of them are going to other churches now. 
4. You wouldn’t mind sleeping in yourself. You’re tried to tell people church should start later but nobody there listens to anybody else.

Reverse scenario:

Turning a Negative Into a Positive Invitation

You are in the same situation. How do you engage the other person in conversation and invite them and their family to visit your parish?
Some ideas:
1. You ask them to visit, saying you’ll be serving something great and it will give their kids an opportunity to have some time together.
2. You ask for their help making or serving something.
3. You invite them to an alternative event, such as a hayride or party. 
4. You tell them that you aren’t a perfect place but that it is a warm, welcoming group of people who would welcome them.
5. You model the concept of removing barriers---offering transportation, etc.

Scenario Two:

Encountering the Newcomer to Town

You are at McDonald’s, in line waiting on a Big Mac without pickles. The person in line behind you asks if you know whether or not there is a Home Depot in town. You get the feeling they are new to town. How do you engage them in conversation and introduce them to your church?
Do a skit showing how to blow the opportunity. THEN, do the reverse of how to make the most of it. 

Scenario Three:

Meeting a Pressing Human Need

You are talking with the mother of one of your kid’s playmates. She seems sad and mentions that she and her husband are splitting up. They are Roman Catholic and she will not be able to take communion in her church. What do you say/offer her?

Do a negative version with a, “Well, that’s just how churches are sometimes. Darn shame!” angle.

Then, do the reverse---Turn it into an invitation to visit your church.

Scenario Four:

Diffusing Cynicism

You are pulling weeds and your next door neighbor comes by. You two chit-chat and you mention that you are eager to get the weeds pulled today because you’ll be involved in church activities most of the next day. He says, “I don’t understand what you get out of that church stuff, anyway! No one has all the answers or proof of anything and all the different religions seem to do is fight and scrap with each other! Don’t you think it’s a waste of time?

Demonstrate a negative response to this situation.

Then, demonstrate how to diffuse that cynicism and turn it into an invitation.

Scenario Five:

Your husband doesn’t come to church. It is important to you that he attend.

Demonstrate a negative approach. Use nagging, threaten to withhold something he likes or do something to punish him

Now, demonstrate a positive way to remove barriers to his attendance.

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