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Evangelism and Hospitality Consultation

How Evangelism and Hospitality Consultation with the Diocese Can Work

When you express a need or desire for help with evangelism and hospitality in your parish, youve taken an important step. Heres what happens next.

1. We will ask you some basic questions about whats going well, whats not going so well, and what you see as opportunities for growth surrounding your parish.

2. We will help you think about a group of people in your parish who may want to begin working on this issue. For example, you may already have an evangelism committee or a newcomers committee in place. You may be working to organize one. You may simply desire some help with your greeters and ushers. Or, evangelism-related matters may be lodged with your vestry or bishops committee.

3. We will talk about how much time you feel you can devote to the topic of evangelism and hospitality in your parish. This will help us to determine together the type of consultation we might develop. Some possibilities include: a two-to-three-hour pizza party and planning session, a portion of a vestry meeting, a half or full-day committee leadership retreat, a multi-week weekly program, an adult church school session or two involving your whole parish, or a weekend retreat at a place like Waycross.

4. We will offer you some pre-planning possibilities, such as our mystery guest program. This option involves sending a trained mystery guest or family to visit your church unannounced. The guest then will then come to a meeting with you and describe how they were welcomed and what happened during their time with you. This gives you an opportunity to truly see yourselves as others see you.

5. We will sometimes connect you with others in our diocese who can help you in areas that relate to evangelism. For example, your parish may want some help in developing and articulating a real vision of your life together or engaging in spiritual disernment. There are leaders in the diocese who have special expertise with those types of issues, which are fundamental to laying the groundwork for real, effective evangelism.

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