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Chasing the Social Networkers

Can social networking help grow your church?  The answer is maybe.  Is it worth the time and energy that you could better devote to something else?  Well... that's something we also all have to answer for ourselves.

There are some parishes in this diocese that are putting a significant amount of effort into Facebook fan pages right now.  Two, in particular, that are doing a great job of it include St. Paul's, Richmond, and St. Paul's, Jeffersonville.  They work very hard at being on Facebook regularly, promoting their events/worship opportunities, and chatting frequently.  

Here in the diocese, while I'm really getting into Twitter (a great way to fast-blast brief notices of events with links) I'm still on the fence about a major Facebook emphasis (and, I say major emphasis because there's nothing worse than Facebook being done halfway---it needs lots of nurturing and not just "build it and they will come!").  The truth is, I have a great informal network on Facebook of friends from all around the diocese---maybe 100 or so.  And, it is SO convenient to just click on a pic and contact someone without having to hunt up an e-mail address and do that.  The news feeds are a great way to keep up with our mutual joys and concerns.  But, with a lot of young people already migrating on to the next social networking fad (whatever it may eventually be) to leave Facebook to the older generation, there's the basic question of how much we all need to keep chasing the social networkers.  Remember My Space?  Hardly ever hear about it anymore, do you?  Hmmm....

Well---I don't have the questions.  But I sure have lots of questions.  So, how about it?  Is social networking where we should all be headed as a diocese and individual parishes.  And, what type of social networking?   

Please post your thoughts... inquiring minds want to know!

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