Evangelism is about the Great Commission---the “go… tell… and DO” part of our ministry. Connect here with tips to attract, welcome, and incorporate others into the life of your parish.

How We Can Work With You

Evangelism in the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis is about hospitality, proclamation, and growth! Enjoy exploring the links to the right. We will add more from time to time so visit us often.

If your parish would like to more effectively reach out to your community and grow, here are some services your diocese can provide.

We can…

  • prepare you for growth by helping you undergo a journey of spiritual discernment. 
  • assist you in better understanding your real mission field here in central and southern Indiana, and the needs/priorities of those who are a part of it, using demographic tools such as Percept.
  • share strategies that have worked for other parishes, locally and churchwide.
  • help you develop your ministry of hospitality. We can assist you in doing a self-assessment of your current hospitality, offer input from “mystery guests” and others with training in church hospitality, and help you to develop a comprehensive communication and marketing plan, including a guest assimilation strategy.
  • help you develop communication and evangelism tools such as logos, newsletters, worship bulletins, ads, brochures, and signage (including sometimes providing grants for signage).
  • provide training for your ushers, greeters, evangelism committee, and others involved in parish growth.
  • And MUCH MORE!

To explore how your friends in the diocese may be able to help you and your parish, contact us today.

Growing Together,

Kathy Copas
Coordinator of Communication and Evangelism
Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis


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