The United Thank Offering

The United Thank Offering is a program of The Episcopal Church for the mission of the whole Church, founded by and administered by women since 1889. The United Thank Offering Committee is a spiritual and financial partner in the mission work of The Episcopal Church, through every person in every pew. UTO is entrusted to promote thank offerings, to receive the offerings, and to distribute the United Thank Offering monies through grants. The Committee awards and administers these grants within the framework of the policies and procedures of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society (DFMS) of The Episcopal Church.

Province V Representative to the ETO Board: Margaret "Peg" Cooper, Diocese of Missouri (see letter concerning this here)

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2015 UTO Information & Resources

The following files are available to download for those interested in writing and submitting a UTO grant application.

  1. UTO 2015 Grant Focus and Criteria
  2. UTO 2015 Process Form for Grant Application
  3. UTO Grant Application
  4. UTO 2015 Bishops Comments - Approval Form
  5. Timeline for 2015 UTO Grant Applications
  6. How to Write a Grant in pdf

Suggestions when reading over the 6 files

  1.  Read carefully the Focus and Criteria - there have been changes and additions since last year.
    • Criteria are more detailed, so there should be no doubt in what can be funded and what cannot.
    •  A diocese can submit one grant for the diocese and a companion diocese grant or a grant to an aided diocese if the two dioceses have a relationship (see process form for aided dioceses)
    • Remind anyone who is writing a grant to read the criteria carefully and follow it.
  2. Read carefully the application and tell anyone or group to read the application and answer only the questions asked and do not write long epistles in answering the questions. Short and to the point is needed.
  3. All diocesan grant are to be submitted to the diocesan office and the one to be sent in would best be selected by a screening committee of which you should be the chairman. 
  4. Be sure to save a copy of the grant that is submitted.
  5. Only grant applications that are submitted by the diocesan office, signed by the bishop and submitted to the United Thank Offering by January 30, 2015, will be considered.
    • To meet this January 30 date, all forms must be completed and returned to Sally Cassidy at cassidy(at)  NO LATER THAN January 8, 2015.  
    • The time between January 8 and the New York deadline of January 30 will be used by the UTO Committee to fine tune whatever comes in and send it on to the Bishop so she can write her paper to go with the Grant request and send it into New York before January 30, 2015
  6. Included is file on How to Write a Grant which hopefully will be helpful.
  7. All the 2015 grant information along with How to Write a Grant can be found on the UTO website​s.

If you have any questions or I can be of some help, don't hesitate to contact our UTO representative.

Peg Cooper 
Province V representative
Grants Convener
United Thank Offering National Board
coopermh(at) or 314-821-1012


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