Spiritual Direction


Many people are seeking someone to help them grow in their relationship with God. They may have a strong interest in prayer and living in a spiritual way. A spiritual Director helps one clarify and discern God working in one’s life. Spiritual direction is not primarily informative, it is not therapy, nor is it usually advisory. It is an adult-to-adult relationship. It is a process which focuses on one’s personal awareness of and relationship with God.

This process includes one’s prayer life as well as the way one lives. One may be looking for someone to help them be accountable to God’s presence in the midst of the responsibilities, sorrows, joys and growth of one’s daily life and work.

A Spiritual Director will listen to the concerns of the directee and help them identify with many ways God is with them. The Director may ask such questions as: What leads you to pray? What happens when you pray? How would you describe your experience of God? Where was God in this experience you described? How can you respond to God in this situation?

There are many ways to pray and be open and present to God. One may use the Book of Common Prayer or the Bible. One may be led to sing or dance or walk in prayers. One may enjoy the beauty of nature.

Helpful characteristics of the Director include someone who has self-knowledge, who has experienced God, wrestled with doubts, who is receiving on-going spiritual direction, is growing in their own life with God, is a person of prayer, humility, compassion and humor, and is one who is willing to listen to others and to challenge them to grow in their spiritual life.

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