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Mission & Ministries

Mission and Ministries in the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis

We recognize that each member has unique gifts and talents, which we nurture for the ministry of service through education, Christian formation, and our worship in the Anglican tradition. We affirm that all our abilities come to us as gifts from God, and that our call is to be faithful stewards of them, both in the Church and in the world. We understand that when we serve others intentionally and faithfully in the world we are also serving the Christ among us. We invite you to join us in discovering "life as ministry."

Directories - Programs and Committees 

Campus Ministries

The Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis maintains opportunities for worship, making connections, providing service to others, and just plain fun on college campuses throughout central and southern Indiana.

Christian Formation

Christian Formation is the continual process that gives purpose and meaning to our lives as followers of Christ.


The ordained ministry of a Deacon is first and foremost about mobilizing the Church for mission and service. But, there's much more, as well. Visit the Deacons site and discover more about this exciting ministry. Do you know someone who may have a gift for the ministry of the diaconate? Could that someone be you?!

Education, Health & Relief

When personal or community disasters strike, when there is need, where there is suffering, these ministries are at the forefront.

Episcopal Women's Ministries

Episcopal Women's Ministries (formerly Episcopal Church Women (ECW)) are women of all ages, ethnic origins and socioeconomic backgrounds in the Episcopal Church USA, who choose to participate.


Evangelism is about the Great Commission---the “go… tell… and DO” part of our ministry. Connect here with tips to attract, welcome, and incorporate others into the life of your parish.

Global Missions Commission

The Global Missions Commission nurtures our partner relationships with the Diocese of Bor (South Sudan) and the Diocese of Brasilia, as well as coordinates work with the Diocese of Haiti.


Integrity John Steele from St. John's, Washington, is the Integrity network coordinator for the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis. Integrity is a national organization dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and advocating the radical hospitality practiced by Christ---encouraging everyone to welcome and celebrate the exuberant diversity of God's Creation. You can find out more by contacting John at jdsteele14(at)yahoo.com

Lay Ministries

Each parish member and each congregation has gifts and resources that can make the world more loving and more just. Need help to discern your own or your congregation's unique mission, or to gather the people and the tools to do God's work, or to develop partnerships in your community, or information on how to minister to others as a lay person? Here are resources that can help.


Stewardship is about how we use and employ God’s resources that are entrusted to us.

Transition Ministries

The diocesan Transition Ministries are here for parishes during a period of congregational change---such as the time following the departure of the rector.

Young Adult Ministries

Young Adult Ministries bring together young adults from all corners of the diocese for worship, connections, discussion, and fun.

Youth Ministries

Youth have a special ministry in the diocese, with opportunities for worship, conferences and retreats, camp, mission activities, and lots of fun. Dontie Fuller serves as the the diocese's Coordinator of Ministries With and For Youth.

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