177th Diocesan Convention Emphasizes “Holy Currencies”


The 177th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis was held October 23-25 at the Horizon Center in Muncie, hosted by Grace Episcopal Church, Muncie.


evensong2.jpgFollowing a dinner and Evensong at Grace Church, delegates moved across the street to one of Grace Church’s supported ministries, the Open Door Health Services center, for an opening session including Bishop Waynick’s address, which celebrated ministries of compassion and collaboration.

During the past year, the diocese has been able to complete work on a school build at Mithon in the Diocese of Haiti, continue to support educational programs in the Diocese of Brasilia, and raise and send over $50,000 to the Diocese of Bor in South Sudan for food, water, medicine, and mosquito netting in the aftermath of violent attacks there. The Bishop cited many other examples of collaborative ministry and church-community partnerships that have made a difference in the past year, including the collaboration of multiple parishes in public policy advocacy around marriage equality.

Dr Law.PNGThe primary focus of this year’s convention was a day-long interactive presentation by The Rev. Dr Eric Law on “Holy Currencies.”  The day focused on strategies for nourishing and sustaining missional ministry through the flow of blessings of time and place, gracious leadership, relationship, truth, wellness, and money.   “Holy Currencies” philosophy will undergird much of the mission emphasis of the diocese over the year to come.


Following the convention Eucharist, a festive dinner featured the Bishop Waynick’s annual awards for distinguished service. This year’s honorees were Nancy Rayfield and Dr  Marilyn Keiser, both from Trinity Episcopal Church in Bloomington.

Two resolutions were passed, one calling for the format of Diocesan Convention to be devoted to more Bible study, conversation, formation and the other asking The Episcopal Church to undertake a study on eligibility for communion.  Two canonical changes were passed, one establishing guidelines for Ministries of Strategic Scale (MOSS) and the other  a clarifying canon revision that was technical rather than substantive.  A 3.9 million dollar balanced budget was approved, with one small change reallocating $1,500 to support travel and meeting expenses for regional conversations on the future of the diocese and Church.  The Reimagining Task Force report was received by convention, with thanks to the committee. Delegates had an opportunity for some comment time for the benefit of the diocesan Executive Council on the Reimagining report.

Lunches-and-Lessons-55.jpgDelegates also heard reports from the Haiti Task Force, diocesan Youth, and Waycross Conference Center.  The 178th Diocesan Convention will be hosted by St. John’s Episcopal Church in Speedway October 22-24, 2015. 


Convention Actions


The total budget passed with only one change that affected two line items.

  • Line 193 Center for Congregations Matching Grant : a reduction from $2,000 to $500
  • The $1,500 reduction was moved to Line 192 Reimagining Task Force, increasing it from $0 to $1,500

Canons & Resolutions

Both of the proposed canon changes and both resolutions passed.

The resolution about convention and content was amended to strike the words "and voting" in bullet point two. (see the resolution as originally proposed).

substitute resolution on Holy Communion study with The Episcopal Church was passed instead of the original one

The other two passed as-is.

Election Results

  • Commission on Ministry, 
    • Clergy: The Rev. Zoila Manzanares
    • Lay: Nancy Hutchens
  • Disciplinary Board
    • Clergy: The Rev. Barb Kempf
    • Lay: Todd Howard
  • Waycross Board: Ellen Backburn
  • Standing Committee, Clergy: The Rev, Mary Slenski
  • Executive Council Election Affirmations:
    • Lay: Gloria Gangwer
    • Clergy:  The Rev.Frank Impicciche, The Rev. Evelyn Wheeler, The Rev. Mike Galvin 

Bishop's Address

Bishop Cate Addresses the Diocesan Convention


I take as my text for this address Matthew 16:18

Jesus said, “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.”

With these words, Bishop Cate Waynick began her address to the 177th Diocesan Convention.  

Click here for the full text.

Reports and Videos

Reports and Videos Presented at the 177th Diocesan Convention

A Message from Bishop Waynick on Same Gender Marriage in Indiana

The recent decision of the Supreme Court, not to review the rulings of lower courts on the legality of same gender marriages, has altered our reality in the State of Indiana. Same gender marriages are now legal in our State. Some among us are elated, believing this should have happened long ago. Others are dismayed and angry, believing that marriage is diminished in some way by this change. Others are simply bewildered and not quite sure how they feel about it.  No matter what a person feels about this change, it has happened – it is part of the reality of life in the world around us. . . .   

Click here to read the full text.


Mandated Anti-Racism Training Offered


This workshop will afford all diocesan staff, clergy and elected or appointed lay leaders the opportunity to take substantive steps toward the fulfillment of our General Convention's requirement that they "...take anti-racism training and receive certification of such training...." 

Leaders will explore anti-racism from a sound theological base, moving toward establishing common definitions and examining racism as well as its resistance in a number of historical and practical contexts. 

Saturday, November 1, 10 a.m.—4 p.m., Register at the Diocesan Registration Site.


The Anti-Racism training for November 1 has grown so large that we had to change the venue.  It has been moved to the Wyndham Indianapolis-West (the old Adams Mark) 2544 Executive Drive, Indianapolis, IN  46241 in the Hall of Champions 3 Ballroom.  It will begin at the same time, 10 a.m.


Rev-Canon-Bruce-Gray2.jpgCanon Bruce Gray will present a repeat of his "Growing Episcopal Churches" training day that was held at St. Thomas in September. The repeat program will be hosted by St. Christopher's, Carmel on November 4, 6:30 p.m., and is open to everyone.

Bruce will be talking about the particular ways in which Episcopal Churches grow in membership and how to apply those techniques to congregations, both large and small, within our diocese. Topics he will cover include: who is typically drawn to Episcopal Churches, how should we welcome first timers, and how do we let go of old ways as part of inviting and welcoming new people.

Dinner will cost $5 (pay for it at St. Christopher's). Reservations are requested and can be made through the diocesan registration website.

Contact Bruce at gray(at)


Youth Fall Conference at Waycross for 6th to 12th Graders


Friday, November 21, 7:30 p.m. to
Sunday, November 23, 12:30 p.m.

Look forward to:

  • Plenary sessions led by youth and adults
  • Waycross music. Bring your instrument and join the musicians.
  • Workshops include community service at Mother's Cupboard, cooking, crafts, theme-related topics and more!
  • Choice Times: Active and relaxing activities. Study Hall will be a choice!
  • Talent Show: Plan an act, practice your "piece" and cheer on your friends!
  • Holy Eucharist and Healing on Saturday Night.

Please bring at least 4 cans/boxes of food. Most needed items will be announced in your confirmation letter.

Diocesan Events

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GC 2015

Advancing to General Convention 2015: “Greening and Screening”


Note: The following is the first in an ongoing seriesdesigned to inform, educate and prepare for General Convention 2015.

Plans are well underway for the Episcopal Church’s General Convention in 2015, and the triennial event won’t be business as usual.

The 78th General Convention of The Episcopal Church will be held June 25 – July 3, 2015 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, UT (Diocese of Utah).

The Rev. Canon Michael Barlowe, Executive Officer of the General Convention, explained, “General Convention 2015 will not be ‘business as usual’ for the General Convention of The Episcopal Church, and not just because the Church will be selecting a Presiding Bishop and considering what a ‘re-imagined’ Church might be. It will also be the gathering of a Church dedicated to continuing to reducing its carbon footprint, while using innovative software and technology to streamline its legislative work and improve on its efficiencies.”

Barlowe noted that Salt Lake City has long been known for its conservation efforts, in part because of its location but also as a result of recent development and growth.  As such, General Convention Manager Lori Ionnitiu plans to combine local efforts with continuing work towards the “greenest convention ever”. 

“There are so many wonderful initiatives occurring in Salt Lake City,” Ionnitiu noted. “Last May, the Salt Palace Convention Center completed one of the largest rooftop solar installations in the country which offsets about 17% of the annual electrical needs. In addition to established plans at the Center for waste reduction, recycling and diversion, water quality and consumption, and air quality, Salt Lake County has a ‘One Million Tree Program’ in place to assist in offsetting the carbon footprint of travelers.”

A “Convention of Screens”

The Joint Standing Committee on Planning and Arrangements and the General Convention Office are focusing on efforts to make GC 2015 as paperless as possible, and to reduce reliance on paper copies and improve legislative efficiencies. 

The Rev. David Michaud, Diocese of Easton and advisor in the revision of legislative software and systems, calls GC 2015 a “convention of screens”.  To that end, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and video monitors will be the primary media of legislative materials, and for the first time, there will be no large, dedicated print shop. This “convention of screens” will be made possible by a robust Wi-Fi system, which will be available for the first time on the floors of the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops. 

Preparing for GC 2015

Barlowe terms these efforts “the greening and screening” of General Convention, and says this “represents but two aspects of the adaptive changes that will make GC 2015 different from previous conventions.”

In the months leading up to GC 2015, communications, training and an Episcopal MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) are in the works to prepare the church for General Convention.

Deputies, bishops, volunteers, vendors, visitors, and all those planning to attend GC 2015 are encouraged to take their part in reducing the carbon footprint.  Ideas and suggestions will be part of the pre-convention information and education.

GC 2015 registration: Bishops and Deputies $495 per person. For more information, contact Ionnitiu, 212-716-6048

The Episcopal Church:
General Convention:
Diocese of Utah:
Salt Palace:

share-video_screen_clip_1.PNGIn the midst of an extraordinary human needs crisis, we're mobilizing to provide food, water, and medicine to the people in our partner Diocese of Bor in South Sudan.  Your help is needed!  Find out more.

Update - October 13, 2014

Bor - MapBishop Cate has just forwarded some important information on South Sudan. Please continue to pray for the Diocese of Bor and all of South Sudan and give as you can. Thanks to your generosity, we have already been able to send nearly $50,000 to assist the Diocese of Bor but the extent of the projected famine numbers is staggering. To make an online donation or order more of the heart-shaped Sharing Love With South Sudan pins go to

From the Bishop—

This rather full report will provide important information about the situation in South Sudan.

Please remember to include Bor (Ruben) and Brasilia (Mauricio) in the prayers of the people every Sunday. Our convention committed us to this discipline and ministry.

In addition to the agencies listed at the end of this report we also can work through Episcopal Relief and Development and AFRECS .. The need is immense! If you need more heart shaped pins let us know....
If you want to send funds it will be most efficient to send them through the diocesan office---we have a way to get them directly to Bor....

Thanks so much .....+Cate

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Joint Release from South Sudan: Aid agencies warn of famine next year as upsurge in fighting imminent; number of hungry expected to increase by 1 million

South Sudan: Aid agencies warn of famine next year as upsurge in fighting imminent

Agencies fear recent improvements will be wiped out as the number of severely hungry people will rise by 1 million in first three months of 2015

(Oxford, UK) A group of leading aid agencies warned today that parts of South Sudan – already the world’s worse food crisis – could fall into famine early next year if the nine-month long conflict escalates as expected.

The agencies fear that efforts this year to prevent the crisis from deteriorating will falter as rival sides are regrouping ready to resume violence once the rainy seasons ends this month. The number of people facing dangerous levels of hunger is expected to increase by 1 million between January and March next year.

In a report launched today, “From Crisis to Catastrophe”, the aid agencies called for neighbouring governments and the wider international community to redouble diplomatic efforts to put real pressure on the parties to the conflict to end the fighting, including an arms embargo. They said so far the international community’s ‘softly-softly’ approach to the peace talks has failed to secure a meaningful cease-fire.

They also added that there needs to be an increase in both the quantity and quality of the aid effort.

Tariq Reibl head of Oxfam programme in South Sudan said: “If famine comes to South Sudan it will come through the barrel of a gun. This is a man-made crisis not one caused by the vagaries of the weather and though humanitarian aid is vital it cannot fix a political problem. The international community is much better at saving lives than it is at helping solve the political problems that put lives in peril. Nine months of the softly-softly approach to peace negotiations has failed. If the international community really wants to avert a famine then it has to make bold diplomatic efforts to bring both sides to end the fighting.”

The aid agencies said that a mixture of significant aid, a lull in the fighting due to the wet season and the ability of the South Sudanese to cope with hardship, has managed to stave off a famine for the moment. However they warned that now that the wet season is over, an upsurge in fighting is likely, setting back any gains made in the last few months and potentially pushing areas into famine by March 2015.

Since the current round of conflict began in South Sudan in December 2013, the country has been pushed to the brink of disaster. However the international aid effort has saved thousands of lives, much of it generously funded by the US, the UK and the EU who have given 60 per cent of the total funding. The UN Mission in South Sudan has opened its compounds to around 100,000 civilians, saving them from ethnic violence, and peace negotiations led by South Sudan’s neighbours have come close to brokering a deal.

Looking back over 2014, Aimee Ansari head of CARE in South Sudan said:

“South Sudan only just missed falling into famine this year. Partly this was due to the aid effort but much of it is due to the strength, resilience and generosity of the South Sudanese people themselves.

“But they are now at the end of their tether. You can only sell all your livestock once. Eating seeds meant for planning keeps the gnawing hunger away for the moment, but it is mortgaging the future to meet the desperate needs of the present. The people of South Sudan did what they could to survive this year – but that means they will be vulnerable next year. They need to see an end to the fighting so normal life can resume.”

Many of the 1.4 million people displaced from their homes are facing an uncertain future. The fighting has disrupted markets and pushed up food prices. Fishermen have been barred from rivers, cattle herders have had their cattle stolen, or been forced to sell them off cheaply. The expected upsurge in fighting once the rains have ended in October will tip many over the edge.

The aid agencies called for donor governments to fully support the UN’s appeals for humanitarian work in South Sudan and the refugee crisis in neighbouring countries. They also said that the quality of aid needs to be improved. It needs to be delivered where people are rather than where it is easier to reach. And it needs to build on the way people cope with the crisis and to enable them to face any future crisis better prepared.

The aid agencies also called on all the government of South Sudan, the opposition and other armed groups to immediately stop fighting and work towards a long-term, sustainable peace deal. All their forces need to stop attacks against civilians, end the use of child soldiers and allow humanitarian workers safe access to people needing their help.


What You Can Do

PRAY, continuing and strengthening both your personal and parish commitment to offering prayer support for our brothers and sisters in our partner Diocese of Bor and beyond.

LEARN AND SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE, using educational resources such as stories, photos, videos, and bulletin inserts from the Episcopal Church via this link: And, here in our diocese

You can help call greater attention to this crisis via social media with #southsudan #sharinglovewithsouthsudan #pintheworld #indyepiscopal #episcopalIN

GIVE, offering support in the face of unprecedented needs for food, water, medicine, and mosquito netting. You can continue to support our diocesan effort with our partner Diocese of Bor by making online gifts or obtaining heart-shaped pins to sell at  OR sending checks to the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis at 1100 W. 42nd Street, Indianapolis IN 46208.

You can also support South Sudan via your gifts to Episcopal Relief and Development at

ADVOCATE, offering letters and calls of support for South Sudan to your Congressional representatives and the White House.  You can find a link to addresses and phone numbers at

Bishop Waynick's Update Video

Update Video from Bishop Waynick

Presiding Bishop Calls for Prayer


The Most Reverend Katherine Jefferts Schori, Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate, has joined with ecumenical leaders to announce a Call for Prayer and Solidarity with churches in South Sudan and Sudan. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should we give through Episcopal Relief and Development or the diocese?

The choice is yours.  As of now, the diocese is wiring money directly to Bishop Ruben and the Diocese of Bor for the immediate emergency needs of food, water, and medicine.  Episcopal Relief and Development is focusing on a wider area associated with the conflict and longer-term rebuilding efforts.
The pin promotion will continue at least until Diocesan Convention.

How can we request more heart pins?
Go to and click on the link at the bottom of the page.
What is the best way to give? 
Our giving site is  You can donate here via PayPal.  PayPal allows you to link with multiple credit or debit card accounts.  You can also mail a check to Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis,1100 42nd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208.  Mark your contribution for Sharing Love with South Sudan.   
Is there anything we can do right now in addition to giving money? 
Yes—pray for the people of Bor, the repose of the souls of the dead, and the strength of those who are being present to the survivors.


The Diocese of Indianapolis has partnered with others---locally, nationally, and internationally. By working with them towards shared goals we have extended our ministry and our outreach. Our partnerships allow us to have a greater and wider impact than we would be able to on our own.

Global Partnerships

Brazil, South Sudan, and Haiti  

The Diocese of Indianapolis shares in a three-way covenant relationship with the Diocese of Brasilia in Brazil and the Diocese of Bor in South Sudan.  We also participate in the Haiti Partnership program and help support St. Andre’s parish and school in Mithon, Haiti. 

Diocese of Bor

We continue to raise financial support and offer up prayers for the people of the Diocese of Bor, in South Sudan. See the top of the home page and for our most current news and updates on the situation there and what we are doing about it.

The Diocese of Haiti

Work on the new St. Andre's school in Mithon was completed in 2014 and members of the Diocese of Indianapolis attended the dedication this summer. 


 A new web site has been launched for the support of the Lunches and Lessons ministry project for St. Andre's School in Mithon, Haiti. The site features information, photos, and videos about this much neededd program and how we can support it. Go to for more information on this ministry and giving opportunity.


Diocese of Brasilia

Cooperating Ministries

Alternatives Incorporated

Alternatives Incorporated of Madison County, a 501(c)(3) organization founded in November 1978, is a residential facility servin…

Dayspring Center

Dayspring Center lovingly meets the basic needs of homeless families seeking assistance and connects them with opportunities to …

Donate to Cooperating Ministries

Click here to Donate to Cooperating Ministries

Exodus Refugee

Exodus Refugee Immigration works with refugees — worldwide victims of persecution, injustice and war — to establish self-suffici…

John P. Craine

Craine House is an alternative sentencing program for non-violent female offenders and their pre-school age children. This facil…

St. Richard's School

The mission of St. Richard's School, an independent Episcopal day school, is to educate children Grades Pre-Kindergarten through…

The Damien Center

The Damien Center was established in 1987 to respond to the growing AIDS crisis in Indianapolis. Initially staffed entirely by v…

The Julian Center

The Julian Center is a nonprofit agency providing counseling, safe shelter, and education for survivors of domestic violence, se…

Other Partners

Center for Congregations

Center for Congregations

The Center for Congregations strengthens Indiana congregations by helping them find and use the best resources to address their …

The Diocese of Haiti

When Haiti was devastated by earthquake damage on January 12. 2010, we developed a special partner relationship to assist them i…
Waycross Camp & Conference Center

Waycross Camp & Conference Center

Waycross is a year round center, hosting residential & day conferences, meetings, and events for both adults and youth with uniq…

 MORE . . .

Sharing Our Currencies Protocol

Sharing our Currencies Protocol

Holy_Currencies_Logo No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket.  Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house.
The Diocese of Indianapolis is rich with many currencies of Gracious Leadership that can be shared…if others only knew they were available!
We are putting together a Sharing our Currencies Catalog of workshops and courses available by people like you and we would like your participation.  Simply click on this link and use the form to share your currency of Gracious Leadership!
The Sharing our Currencies Catalog can be found by clicking here It is available to all.  Sharing your currency of Gracious Leadership is just one way of sharing in networked creative leadership in the Diocese of Indianapolis. 

Disaster Response logoEmergencies: Getting Your Parish Ready

Download this guide from FEMA
Guide for Developing High-Quality Emergency Operations Plans for Houses of Worship

Episcopal Relief & Development


Episcopal Relief & Development helps those struck by disaster both in the U.S. and around the world.

Website - Press Releases - Donate Now

You can help as well. Visit their site to see how.

Helping Others

EFHN - Episcopal Fund for Human Need

The Episcopal Fund for Human Need (EFHN) is a diocesan-wide ministry that provides an emergency safety net for those in central …

Episcopal Relief & Development

Episcopal Relief & Development is the international relief and development agency of the Episcopal Church of the United States, …

Miles of Pennies

he Miles of Pennies Fund was established in 1988 on the 100th anniversary of The Church Periodical Club. The Miles of Pennies Fu…

National Episcopal Health Ministries (NEHM)

The Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis maintains a special commitment to ministries of health and wholeness. National Episcopal …

United Thank Offering (UTO)

The United Thank Offering (UTO) provides a way for you to give thanks for your daily blessings with a simple spiritual disciplin…

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