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How to create a news item.

How to create a news item is shown below.

1. Along the top of the page, you'll see "Dashboard", a search box, then "Sign Out". Click on the "Dashboard" tab.

New! Add a new user 1 (PNG)

2. The Dashboard will load up, displaying blocks/tiles that list various functions you can do. Find the "Pro News" tile and click "Add/Edit"

New! Create a news item 1 (PNG)

A new window will load, called "Update News" with three tabs you will click to fill out some information.

3. Under the "Post" tab, add a Title, give a brief description in the "News Description" box, and in the "News Content" box put everything you want the viewers to know.

4. Under the "Options" tab, select a Section, Category, the "Default no blue box" Page Type, fill in the date of the news item, and choose a "Thumbnail Image" if necessary.

5. When finished, press the "Update News Item" blue button. 

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